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@love my car..i dont need your prayers. I'm not here in the forum to justify the dzire or the swift. I know the limitations and the disadvantages of my car too..I'm not some bloke who blindly defends his car..having gone thru many of your posts, i think you lack genuine logic behind most of your posts. First you created a thread mentioning that swift and dzire were being stopped in production, whch was really absurd. Second, you tell me that 40,000kms down the line the dzire is having braking issues when the car's launch was just 9 months ago..if this is the case, then almost all of the swift owners should have also complained about the same, as both the swift and the dzire share the same braking system. how come no body in the forum has brought this up?? i think you are blindly posting comments based on some info you are getting from a pretty dumb salesman or sales team!

You can write your views, but you cannot twist facts in a public forum, whether its maruti or a BMW!

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40000 km in 9 months!!!! Thats nearly 150 km a day!!!

 if the car is for personal use i cant believe you lovemycar. If it is

being used as a taxi then we all know how the taxi drivers drive. Also

since it has been only 9 months car is very much within the warranty,

they should go to maruti and get it repaired for free.

We swear by maruti because of its VFM products. There are problems with every car, who knows there might be problem with i20, but we swear by maruti because we know that in case there is a problem maruti will help us out. That is why it has won so many awards even though they were not from public but results deduced by industry experts and not surveys.

Also lovemycar, refrain from using sms language.

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Exactly said rahul. even am thinking of buying a second dzire for my huge family. this time a petrol version most probably a VXi. look i bought a Swift Dzire ZDi in july 2008 and am very happy with the car and as lovemycar said there has been no braking issues in my dzire because its got ABS and EBD and even i dont believe that a sane  person would drive 150 km everyday and land up with braking and other reliability issues.I think a car's maintenance and durability depends upon the usage of the user and this doesnt restrict to vehicles only but also cell phones, ipods etc. and as i said every car sold in all markets have advantages as well as disadvantages and its upon the buyer to decide which suits his pocket and requirement. even i admit the rear of dzire is a bit awkward looking but its got a very huge deep boot and that scores its practicality over its competitors. look we must admit at such mouth watering prices,even when there is economic downturn the swift dzire's sales figures are very strong and this suggests how VFM the car is.. its also the best sedan in its class due to its rich equipment levels and safety figures at such mouth watering prices..

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