Captiva vs Outlander vs CR-V

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Let us all carry the shootouts and comparison test here


I think the winner should be outlander because it has an excellent ride, best in class interiors, a superb rockford fosgate 9 speaker music system with subwoofer.

Besides, it is an excellent handler and is the best off roader too.

It has very compact yet extremely spacious dimensions and a tremendous steering wheel.

The 2WD and 4WD ignition system is revolutionary and very very capable.

The gearbox isnt the best but is good enough.

Talking about Chevrolet Captiva LTZ, they actually havent improved, the AWD is useless, the auto box lacks poke and is lethargic.

Steering is vague and over assisted, and interior design is unexciting but the quality is high.

The seats are comfortable and the styling of the car is extrovert,but the captiva finds itself lacking some features like steering mounted controls nad i'm not sure it has usb connectivity as well. Some people also call it a meagre copy of the CR-V.

CRV is a car that has proven it self. With those looks and being car like to drive, it is the favourite choice of the soft roader fans. Although it can't do no major wonders off road despite having an all wheel drive.

The 2.4 i-vtec guzzles up petrol like what!

The interiors are great and quality is top notch but ride is stiff and can be irritating.

The steering is just great.

Captiva can be left behind. But if Outlander wants a battle , let it be with the CR-V.

Final Verdicts


This is a very tough one, all three have great interiors but all three have faults as well.

We won't count the faults but I think Outlander and CR-V can share this trophy.

Captiva has dull and unexciting interiors and quality is not as great as the other two.


Again the CR-V and Outlander share the crown. While the CR-V looks majestic and luxurious, Outlander is compact and sporty. Captiva looks good but has an uninspiring design.


Well this one is for Outlander.It offers the most equipment at a reasonable price.


CR-V. Although the Outlander is excellent, CR-V is just better by 1/4th of 1/4th.

Off Road Ability

Outlander. Anyday. It can do everything in 2WD that even the others cannot do in AWD. That should clear it all.


CR-V. The i-vtec is a silent engine. Although the MIVEC is also great, it just makes a little more noise.


All three deserve this award.

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well i beg to differ.My list goes like this-

1.Chevrolet Captiva

2.Honda CR-V

3.Mitsubishi Outlander


The captiva makes perfect sense for a SUV in this range.Its got a

fantastic engine which is very powerful and is torquey too.Its got the

benefit of a diesel which is a big plus compared to the other SUV'S.The outlander's 2.4 MIVEC engine which pumps out 170 bhp is also powerful though not as torquey as the captiva.The CR-V's engine which pumps out 160 bhp is the most refined and power delivery is smooth.Both the CR-V and Outlander are thirsty cars!


The most boring interiors are those of outlander.The captiva has plush looking interiors while the CR-V has top quality interiors.All three cars comfy though the CR-V has an edge but the Captiva has seven seats,comes fully loaded(@sparsh-it has audio controls on the steering wheel).All in all the captiva scores better marks than the other two out here too.


IN therms of performance the A/T captiva is behind the CR-V.The outlander has better ride and handling.The captiva's  5 spees auto gearbox is a mite short of being a brilliant performer.Its is lazy at times.The captiva has an intelligent AWD system which distributes power to the wheels accordingly(whether its on the smooth tarmac or rough roads).However for true offroading nothing can beat the outlander.But who wants a softroader to do some serious offroading?

Summing it up the captiva acoording to me is the winner.Its got a powerful diesel engine,good looking loaded interiors,7 seats,even the hill descent control comes handy.So the captiva is a winner in my eyes.

siddhant2009-03-17 04:34:07

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All the three SUVs are great in terms of style, performance, and fuel efficiency. Recently Captiva has been awarded with the tag of best SUV by NDTV and Zigwheels gave the same award to Outlander. But I personally feel that Honda CR-V is still leading the segment.

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I will go in for Captiva manual anyday as it has best in class interiors, diesel, good features, looks like upmarket SUV, spacious but yes it has bit of turbolag and steering isnt aas responsive as others in segment..

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beg to differ

my cappy gives me FE of around 10 and i go hard at the accelerator , and the FE of outlander giving FE of 9 is sort of a day dreaming , people clame it to be near 6-7

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this is an interesting thread.i'm not a fan CRV looks,i like both chevy and outlander so i'll play a diplomat,  it wouldn't be fair to compare a diesel and a petrol smiley2.gif

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I don't like the Outlander much, so it as to be between CR-V and Captiva.

CR-V is obviously the better car but Captiva is more practical since it is cheaper and comes with a diesel.

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