Leather seats for my scorpio

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leather is made from animal skin . everyone knows animals are lilled for their leather. so if u buy leather u are indirectly killing some animal .

Of course leather is made from animal hide. Even the sages in India and the hindu God Shiva wore animal hide with the hair on and meat was always part of their diet. And what about the majority of the people on this planet who want to eat meat? Ever heard of the word Omnivore? That is what humans are, please see your canines. Domesticated cattle and livestock are meant for our food so what is wrong with using leather unless its from an endangered species? So siddharth you don't wear leather shoes, belts or wallets and know no women who have leather hand bags? Its not a must to buy leather but people have a choice and they must exercise that. And fake leather like PVC and PU are plastic derivatives and cause more harm to the environment and people during manufacturing and disposal. Its all about personal choice.

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Do you people know that the sweets we eat are deorated with very very thin silver layers which are made from silver sheets being beaten on animal hides.

So those of you who are really concious should stop eating sweets decorated with silver layers( Chandi ka vark )  

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