Ultimate Buyers Guide: Must Read Newbies!

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Want to buy a new car? Too lazy to do a search? You've come to the right place. The forum has a wealth of information on cars and car buying queries. Ideally, you should run a search on the forum about the information you're looking for. Most of the times, the search will return some useful results.


Many times users sign up and head straigth for AAA for their car purchase questions. So before you go the same way, please do read through the links provided. You might not have to make the effort of creating a new thread. Here I've compiled a list of road tests that will serve very handy to the car buyer. Almost all cars have been compiled in this list and will give you a lot of information. If nothing else, it will help you ask intelligent questions. I will put additional links from a test drive thread (if it exists) from the forum itself for a second opinion. Some links will be put up later as and when they become available.


The roadtests are from our WhatCar website and many have been penned by me. I decided to put these down in the forum as well because of amount of new car queries we get everyday. The WhatCar website is still undergoing development, so please excuse.


There is also one very informative thread on choosing the right car by BornFree. It is a sticky as well in the AAA section. Please read both the threads before asking a question.


This way you don't have to start a new thread on a car purchase unless you really have to. Cars have been divided into the following categories for your convenience.



Premium Compacts

Lower Midsizers

Upper Midsizers

Lower Luxury

Multi Purpose Vehicles

Sport Utility Vehicles.



Some Useful Links


Information 2009 Launches  (Credits to Vivek Bansal for sharing this with us)





Economy Cars


Hyundai i10               i10 Forum Test Drive

Maruti A-Star            A-Star Forum Test Drive



Premium Compact


Maruti Swift                   Maruti Swift 1.2 K-Series



Lower Midsizers


Ford Ikon

Tata Indigo



Upper Midsizers


Fiat Linea                 Fiat Linea Forum Test Drive



Lower Luxury


Volkswagen Jetta                              Jetta Forum Test Drive



Luxury Vehicles




Multi Purpose Vehicles


Mahindra Bolero

Mahindra Scorpio                  Scorpio Auto Forum Test Drive          Scorpio mHawk Forum Test Drive

Tata Sumo Grande                Sumo Grande Forum Test Drive



Sport Utility Vehicles


Chevrolet Captiva




FuelRunGod2010-02-06 06:45:45

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Brilliant FRG. Let us all hope that the this topic 'sticks' (pun intended).

Let me expand on the theme by trying to address the Diesel v Petrol issue in a very simple manner.

One very common question is should I buy diesel or petrol.

A diesel vehicle is cheaper to run in terms of fuel costs, but is in general more expensive to buy. Also, spares etc. are more expensive for diesels. A petrol car usually has lower noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) levels, and engine is moer tractable due to the more linear power delivery.

On the cost basis various people estimate the changeover point from Petrol to Dielsel in the 15,000 to 24,000 km per annum region.

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Excellent work FRG, yes from few days there are too many queries on this Forum and it doesnt looks like recession period smiley17.gif .It will help lot of new buyers and even if they are confused, afterwards they can have some queries discussed. And do add Skoda Superb, Hyundai i20, Mahindra Xylo so as new car buyers can have their problems solved.

And also some links which are not in Bold letters arent working so please check it out..bluesapphire2009-03-20 05:08:07

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Great effort FRG, thanks.

This will go a long way helping out prospective buyers & moreover as you mentioned, will atleast render them to ask intelligent ques!


Further its great to see Whatcar site getting some juice.

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First post updated with 'Useful Links' that include threads on tyres, CNG vs LPG and Petrol vs Diesel.

Should make for interesting reading for new buyers.

EDIT: Forum Test Drive links added as well.


FuelRunGod2009-03-20 17:53:17

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Mr. FuelRunGod,

                           Firstly congratulations & also thanks for such a useful, practical thread.

           I wanted to enquire in which category will

the Ecco be placed ( Economy- as it is priced so or in the MPV- in the

same category of Versa ). I could not find Ecco in any category.This

query I'm asking for my neighbour. Maruti had launched the Ecco,on the

platform of Versa & seeing the initial success of the vehicle( in

our city it has a waiting of 3-4 months atleast), my neighbour who was

very interested in Ecco suddenly became doubtful, stating how the Ecco which is like a stripped down Versa and is in so much demand,come

at such a low price compared to Versa. Kindly clarify if there are any major changes in Ecco over the Versa.       


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