New Car: 2010 Mini John Cooper

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Fresh off the heels of the refreshed Cooper Convertible's debut in Detroit, Mini will introduce at

next month's Geneva show its more powerful, racing-derived drop-top called the

Mini John Cooper Works Convertible. As you can imagine, it's more powerful,

faster and of course, more expensive than the comparatively run-of-the-mill Mini

Cooper S Convertible due out next month.

Like the two other models from JCW -- the Cooper JCW and Clubman JCW -- the

convertible receives all the uprated componentry derived from Cooper's racing

tenure. Stiffer springs and dampers, bigger yet lighter 17-in alloys, stickier

rubber, bigger brakes and let's not forget, a more powerful turbocharged

powertrain, are all included in the range-topping edition. Under the hood,

engineers optimized the supply and extraction of air from the intake and exhaust

system to improve power to the direct-injected 1.6L four-cylinder. A more robust

twin-scroll turbocharger running at 1.3 bar of boost was bolted on and is good

for a maximum 208 hp @ 6000 rpm and 207 lb-ft @ 2000-5300 rpm (with overboost).

Mini claims the JCW-prepped convertible can hit 60 mph in 6.6 sec and a top

speed of 146 mph, all the while achieving an EPA rated 26 mpg city/ 34 mpg

highway. In true JCW fashion, only a six-speed manual transmission will be


Inside, all the quirky Mini-esque tidbits such including its aviator-style

window switches and huge instrument displays make their way into the JCW

drop-top. Appropriate badging inside and out clearly indicates this little Mini

is not the garden variety Cooper 'Vert. U.S. deliveries are slated for this

April at a price of $34,950 (including destination and handling), or around

$7,500 more than the 2009 Cooper S Convertible.

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There are no chances of this making it to India, so why is this in the Indian Cars section? Please go through the rules and regulations of the board before proceeding further. Next posts may be deleted without notification.


Thread Moved.



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Mini Cooper is premium classic small car from the house the British Automotive

Brand owned by BMW. The car is slightly larger than both the Beetle and the Fiat

500 and this attribute of the car may prove to be a weapon against


Mini is expected to launch in 3 variants: Mini One, Cooper, and

Cooper S. The car will come with a choice of four engines in India: 95 bhp 1.4L

engine, 110bhp 1.6L engine, 120bhp 1.6L engine, and 175bhp turbocharged 1.6L

engine. The price of the car will be within the range of Rs 20-25 Lakh.

source: carazoo

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BMW might launch Mini Cooper in India

German automobile giant BMW already has a presence in the Indian market as
they are selling models including the Series and the 5 Series.

The company is now considering launching niche products in the Indian market
including the Mini Cooper here in India.

Some other models expected to be launched in India are BMW X5 and X3 sports
utility vehicles (SUVs) and the 7 Series model. The 7 Series is the biggest and
most luxurious car from the BMW stable.

BMW might launch their new BMW X5 SUV, which is yet to be debuted worldwide
sometime next year here in India.

Company officials also said that they are planning to reduce the service
intervals to 10,000 km, instead of the 25,000 km service intervals, which is the
norm in developed markets.


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