Will you buy the Tata Nano?

how many members are going to book one?  

  1. 1. how many members are going to book one?

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Well its the product for whole world as TV said and most promising one so i dont think that Tata will be doing anything wrong with it..But it needs to improve their dealership across india..And more than anything important, its safer, bigger, better for city use, newer engine, fuel efficient, meets new emissions than on most counts better and definately CHEAPER also..And you can get PW, Ac, fog lamps, etc. at less price than base non-Ac 800...

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I would like to bring every body's attentiion to some of the statements in the ACI NANO review, which are not very correct!.

On the last page of the review of the NANO it is said that the... "brakes on the base model do not have servo assist which will not be missed as the car is light..." that is not perfectly correct, If you factor in full load in the car then the car's stopping distance is bound to increase and hence servo assist will sorely be missed.

I have time and again written to ACI stating that they should compare the TOP END and the LOWEST end model of the product to reach a right judgement on the amount of scrimping on essential parts missed out by manufacturers in any effort to sell a new product.

The absence of Servo assist brakes on base NANO is a glaring safety omission from TATA, further to press home the point the target customer is a two wheeler guy upgrading to a car, the dynamics change drastically, we might see complete desimmination of families in fatal road accidents with the car if the above basics are not provided... Please TATA at least provide the servo assisted brakes as a option and also ask you dealers to make customers take this option when the go for the basic car also, putting in the FEAR FACTOR in to them.

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As said by DD' date=' i'm waiting for nano V2 smiley36.gif . Let Tata finish second round of R&D with the Nano buyers as testers. Tata is known for its niggling problems, i'm afraid how this built to a price car is going to be reliable. So i'll wait and book it later, and use it for strict city purpose only.

I'm more inclined towards Nano Europa. Hope Tata brings it here.[/quote']

I guess you are stuck with the era of the indica 2000, well TATA has moved on since then and HOW!! Try visiting TATA ERC in PUNE it will blow your mind as to where TATA's research has gone. you need to examine TATA's focus and target customer approach, try to find out who a TATA passanger car customer is, you will find that the products developed by TATA are pointedly built for the segment of customers who are actually buying them. You may compare them to innumerable other models in the market but it will not make sense, since there is a Indian make emotion tied with the decision for many people.

The Nano is a advanced design far more superior to the Alto/800 design. Just considering from the safety point the Nano passes easily as the norms for safety have again moved on in twenty years.

I would consider your reply after 1 or 2 years, after the hype comes down and Nano is more common.

Even the Vista has some problems like steering judder, etc...

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i thought of getting a nano for my wife since she is just learning to drive and is very reluctant to even start our swift dzire! but i refrained from the nano coz i figured than a used 800 or even the old carb zen will be much better for now! Nano is yet to prove itself and i wouldnt risk 1.5 lakhs on a new vehicle from tata considering that the car will have few issues which are bound to crop up and later rectified.

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I saw the Nano last evening at Westside; it looks OK, there are some gaps where things will accumulate over time (around the headlights & sides of the windscreen). Paint quality looked good. Plastics & rubber parts can be said to be at par with the current M800. Tyres were MRF.

Overall it looked good for its price!

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Further to my nit picking on ACI review of the NANO, some more on TATA.

It is a known fact that in India manufacturers recommendation are shoved up their ar$3.

Generally we indians do not have the understanding of the word recommendation, it seems to be considered as a suggestion, when actually it is like a doctor's advise on what to eat when you have a upset stomach. It needs to be obeyed.

The NANO comes with a narrow tire size on the front and a wider tire size on the rear, that is for enhancing the under steer. after the tire wears off you will start seeing the tires sizes getting mixed up with no relevance to the recommendations. so probably a wrong move from TATA to have a variable tire size.

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Hey Guys!!

Today i have seen a Tata Nano Lx in my office(TCS, Hyd)), which is put for display & booking.

This one is really small & looks cute from outside. . I am 6ft tall & cudnt adjust properly in the driver seat. boot space is nice, but driver seat is not at all comfy.


Wud like to share some info abt the pricing in Hyd(Concorde Motors).....


Nano : 132320(Ex- Showroom price) 151285(On Road Price)

Nano CX : 157319(Ex- Showroom price) 179190(On Road Price)

Nano LX : 179938(Ex- Showroom price) 204437(On Road Price)


Now i feel its not worth it after seeing the prices.....
sanzgod2009-04-22 07:14:39

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