Maruti Ritz to launch second week of May

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Suzuki is considered to be a very inexpensive car and people here in Australia would not think of buying one if they can afford a Volkswagen,Toyota or a Honda.

I was just comparing the quality factor BS, Suzuki does not excite me even here! :)


Styling of the Ritz: I did not like the front, nor the back! the side profile is horrible, the front half looks attached to the Back half by force! they were meant to be 2 different cars! Interiors are nothing to talk about either.


sharash2009-04-16 03:08:40

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but this one looks Geeky and Claustrophobic' date=' the same pop-up tacho as the A-star, same steering wheel, come on suzuki get new ideas will you!![/quote'] Ha ha, its bound to be same as even in Vitara, a 15lac car you get cheap interiors as 5lac swift, so nothing more to expect from Suzuki now..

The only change in the interiors is i10 like gearshift position..bluesapphire2009-04-16 04:41:18

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While the car is also available internationally with the 1.3-litre DDiS engine, we won't get it for now, until Maruti can satisfy the demands of the Swift and Swift Dzire with its limited production capacity.

While Maruti is tight-lipped about prices just yet, we think it'll be priced around the i10 Kappa, which puts it in the Rs 4.25 to 5.25 lakh range. Given its slightly larger dimensions and better interior room, it could be a probable winner in the Indian market when it rolls out in May. A sizzling battle for your wallets is in the offing.

Any idea about these info?

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