Hyundai Blue-Will concept

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Hyundai Blue-Will Features-

  • Recycled PET soft drink bottles were used to make the material for the headlamp bezels

  • Engine lid and interiors make use of bio-degradable materials

  • all-aluminium Gasoline Direct Injected 1.6-litre engine mated to a Continuously Variable Transmission and a 100kw electric motor

  • glass area in roof incorporates dye-sensitized solar cells producing electricity to charge the batteries


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actually does it look like these features will come in a car in the next 4-5 years??

 i think it will take at least 10-15 years for these features to come in produiction!

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Just want to share something about green cars

The production process of a toyota prius hybrid is such that it causes more environmental damage than good as the spare parts come from different location.

its like The lead used comes from Italy which is sent to Japan where the battery is made and the battery is sent to China where the car is made and the car is sent to USA where it is sold.(Just an Hypothetical example the Places mentioned are not correct) but its true



So this long procedure damages the environment instead.

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