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Hi Guys,

I bought a P220 in January, till not it has run 2500KM but i am not feeling that thing in it that I expected before buying it. I have not faced any problem as said by others for pulsars yet but I want more good ride than this.

Now will it be worth to sell this P220 and get a new R15? I expect this to be sold in about 75000...

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After buying it, you cannot complain that you are not feeling great unlike you  were feeling before buying. You have test ridden the P220 before buying. So there is no chance for complaining after purchase.

 I would say use the P220 happily and forget about R15.

If you like R15 you should have bought it before looking at P220.

Now if you sell the P220, you will get peanuts for it and nothing else.

Also you have quoted 75000 for a P220 which has run only 2500kms.

See you are well aware that you will get peanuts for you P220.


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Its better to stick with the P 220 for at least some years till you go for a change. Its not that bad a bike. The R 15 is only a 150 cc bike and looks very oddly designed. It has huge plastic claddings all around and I know guys who suffer a fall and spend upto Rs 3 K for a single fall and plastic breakage.

The P 220 has advanced electronic fuel injection , a first by any bike maker in India.

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                   As it has crossed just 2500kms, it must be around 3-4 months old.


And at that time R15 was launched. So you should have gone with it at that time only.


              Does your 220 have any problem which is not getting solved?


If you have made the decision of selling your 220, can you please tell me why did you purchase it?

 Please answer the above questions so that we members may know the reason.



    SORRY Manish (FRG) for using this language here,

                  but is this guy has been bitten by Mad Dog (Kya is ladke ko kisi paagal kutte ne kaata hai, jo ye itni achchi gaadi itne kam kms mein bech raha hai).

sudeepd2009-04-03 12:05:48

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sudeep, first of all mind your language. It is not a tuchcha forum. And regarding your question, I tell you that i am not facing any problem, not even general pulsar problems. I bought a 220 cuz i thought a 220cc bike would be better performer than 150. Obviously it is a good bike but it is heavy and i get tired on long journeys. Also I am 5'5' and can't put both my legs on ground to hold bike. So these are the things.

And mind your language next time, it is my money getting waste not yours.

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Sorry aditya, but I could not stop myself on this matter.

it is heavy and i get tired on long journeys. Also I am 5'5' and can't put both my legs on ground to hold bike.

As for your the above mentioned post, did you not take test ride before buying it?

If you did, at that time only you should have felt the heavy weight and the huge saddle height.

After buying a vehicle, there is no point in regretting the decision.

Once again I am sorry aditya.

But please think twice on buying R15.

 Or again after using it for small number of kms,  you may sell it and buy another bike. And this cycle will continue until you are happy with one product.

EDIT:  The reason behind you get tired on long journeys could be your wrong sitting posture.

sudeepd2009-04-03 14:31:32

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Hi Aditya,sorry for getting rude answers from Sudeepd,forgive him for reason that he has been

good member on this forum.

Anyway @ your decision,see no one can change what you are cooking inside,but for are doing injustice to your bike. I don't see any good reason for buying R15,or replacing P-220 with R15 for that matter.

Are you going to race or going to be on sprints everytime??

R15 is only good on higher speeds and performance.

else P-220 is a wonderful bike and I would suggest you to stick with it.

Also what you can do is you can ride it for sometime,meanwhile there will be new bikes too in market and may be you find something better that R15..


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I am happy to learn that you have changed you mind and not selling your Gorgeous 220.

In fact, I wanted to buy 220 instead of 180 in 2007. But it was not officially launched, so had to drop the idea and purchased 180. At start I used to regret for not buying 220. But now I am pleased and proud owner of 180.

       But I miss some of the features present on 220 but not on my 180.

      1.The Warning Lights above the Speedometer-

          Temp. Gauge, Battery Indicator, Malfunction Indicator, etc


   Most of all I miss the Big Fairing, the Projector Head Lamps, Tubeless Tyres and the MPFI system.


But not these ones-

     1. The Naked Chain- as this is not suitable to Indian Road Conditions.

      In fact when I see other bikes (Enticer, Pulsar 150,180, Don't remember more) with naked Chain, I feel pity (not get angry) for these guys as they are reducing the life of the chain. I know its their money, but it is not correct way to use the bike. Even Bajaj Auto Ltd realised that the exposed chain is drastically affected by the Indian Road Conditions and started giving the chain their much needed shelter.

    2. Rear Disc Brake- The Rear Disc Brake needs to be used cautiously since improper usage may lead to skidding. Since the Indian Roads are often covered with Water, Speedbreakers, Potholes and not to mention the people knowingly (yes you read correct) and Animals (knowingly or unknowingly) come across our way. So Rear Disc Commands for Caution.


   BAL should improve on

   Engine Smoothness, Gearbox slickness.

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Very good decision Aditya. After buying a product, we must try to enjoy and live with it. Even if you sell your P220 and buy R15, there is no confirmation that you will have the bike with you. You may then love the CBR150RR and will try to buy it. If this continues, then other than wasting money, you won't find any benefit(as you are not satisfied with any bike). So enjoy your bike. Happy riding. smiley1.gif

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