Honda Jazz SPOTTED

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I just saw the Jazz and did a TD too

The engine is very peppy and has good accleration which I think is due to lower gearing the interiors looked great but the shiny plastic in the above glovebox look cheap and it is funny these days both the glove box combined arn't as spacious as one glove box in my zen . There are two types or say to packs for Jazz

Active pack

sporty pedal

new grill

fog lamp

side step garnishes

and silver finish in AC vents


Jazz mode pack

corner and side moulding

Mud flaps


The latter is just stupidity and costs 30k which is std on even an alto as the former pack is40k .


The front seat are comfy except a low on underthigh

The rear seat have good leg room but the seats are small.

Didn't get the price as it will be revealed after 1pm today.

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The city E varient is discontinued also lack of CD playler made the Jazz to come std with one but no USB plugin for Jazz I didn't like the central airvents as they lack flexibility of direction .

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@tanmay the rear seat space is good and feels more airy than the i20 and Fabia but seat comfort is not as great as the front seats .

@nimlesh even I have started to think Fabia as a VFM especially now they are offering 50k discounts but only thing stopping me to go for it is poor petrol engine or else if I were to buy a diesel I could have gone for it as I love the steering feel and slick gearbox also it is feature packed and the interior quality is better than the Jazz

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Honda Jazz is a great car in terms of space and practicality. smiley20.gif

Performance:Since it is a city car, the performance can be said adequate.

Fuel Eff. promises to be good figure also.

But I didn't like its mini MPV ish look.

But we Indians give a lot of attention towards pricing of the car.But pricing seems to be little bit on the higher side.

After all Honda India targets 20000 cars per year, i.e. approximately 1667 cars per month, with this kind of pricing I am not sure whether they will achieve their target.If they are success, Honda got one more winner.

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