Review: Toyota Corolla Japan Service

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Hi All,

               Just given my 1999 Corolla for shaken inspection(Japanese tax that has to be renewed every 2 years to keep your car roadworthy-mush like our fitness test).


You wouldnt beleive the tax+ change of consumables...


Total bill- a whopping 150,000 yean... approx INR 70,000(even this is considered cheap)


Here is the detailed breakup..(inclusive of labour)

1. Shaken tax---40,000 Rs

2. 4 new 175/70 tyres----10,000 Rs

3. Engine Oil+filter change---2500 Rs

4. Radiator Draing,flushing+new coolant---1500 Rs

5. Radiator hose pipe set......3000 Rs

6. Rear Brake lining----3000 Rs

7. A/T fluid......3000 Rs

8.Mitsuba dual tone horn fitting+labour...3000Rs


Maintanence in Japan is very expensive as is labour..so people keep changing

cars often.

Fortunatley I was given a spare car( well sort of...)


Its a Mitsubishi Minicar 660cc,3 AT with all the get up and go of a tortoise..!


Well at least I will be getting back my car this weekend...


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my corolla is not the indian one..but the model before that...


and the tyre rates+ba;ancing+alignment+old tyre recycle fee was 10,000 INR...

( you have to pay recycle fee approx 1000Inr for 4 old tyres in Japan)



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yes speed mine in 175/60 are tubeless tyre

i was shocked to get goodyear at this price , MRF was costing me around 3300-3600 and potenza around 3750-4000 bucks
sarabjeet2009-04-02 17:49:30

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is your an diesel or petrol one ??

i still remember that we had an toyota corsa back in 1998 , and worked like a jem till 70,000 km , though it had engine belt noise issue very often

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mine is 1999 model one...1.3 litre petrol..4AT

it has done close to 75,000kms now and luckily no problems till now..

plan to change after crossing the 1lakh kms mark....

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