problem with Crde..

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But you have not mentioned for what purpose did you change the injectors.

What was the problem with your old injectors that made you replace them with new ones?

Please let us know the cause so that we could help you.

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starting problem, the injector got damaged because of adulterated fuel and due to that the injector pressure came down below 900bar, the standard pressure should be above 1100bar.. now i want to know if i can service my damaged injector and reuse or sell it off...

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Check with Bosch Service Centre. I think they should be able to clean the injectors. I don't know about cleaning charges. When I got the injectors of our Indigo LS (Non-TDi one) some 2.5-3 years &70-80KKms back (Now the Odo is 1,62,800+kms) because it had black smoke problem, I was charged Rs. 400/-.

I guess you would be charged much more than this since it is Common Rail Engine and depending on where you get them serviced.

May be Rs.3000-4000/-.

 As for reuse of old ones, you will get a report from the Bosch Service Centre after carrying out the cleaning which will tell you the condition of the injectors after they have been cleaned.

This will make clear if the injectors can be reused or not.

Also you told that the cause for replacement was Starting Problem. How is that your Scorpio's Injectors got damaged due to unadulterated fuel but the Fuel Pump was/is in Nice Working Condtion?

     It's the Fuel Pump which gets Damaged First and Then the Injectors are affected if not treated early. I think you were taken for a ride by your Mahindra Service Centre.

Was this replacement carried out Under Warranty? I dont think so, since the damage due to Unadulterated Fuel is not covered under warranty.

  Check the Fuel Quality you use.

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