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Hi Guys,

This is my first car related advice. I actually planned

to book one Petrol Swift Dzire as my first car. In the mean time I also

looked for used car market as an alternative. In that I got an offer

for a used SX4 ZXI - 2007 MODEL ran only 7500km for a surprising 5

Lahks. Is it worth to go for (VFM)?

Also looking at the price, I

have a feeling that why this guy is selling at a lower price? If you

guys gives  advice, I can make a decesion. Also what are all the things

need to checked for an used car.

I am in a confused state whether to go for a Dzire or used SX4?

My monthly travel would be around 1500 km only.I am looking at more comfort for a family size of 4 adults.


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hey, of your monthly running is about 1500kms, which is about 18000kms a year! I strongly recommend a diesel for this sort of an usage!

h/ever, if you are convinced that you need petrol, both dzire and sx4 are VFM cars. I'm surprised on the price of the used sx4 zxi--it costs about 8.5 lakhs otr and 5 lakhs is a steal if it has run just 7500kms..h/ever, second hand cars are best verified by the buyer himself and it would be hard for any of us to comment on the same without knowing the condition of the car. Sx4 will seat 4 aduls quite comfortably and is a bigger car than the dzire.

In an used sx4 petrol, i wouldnt bother about the engine, just check if on the condition, if there are any dents, any insurance claims { im not sure how you do this, but there are ways to check if the insurance has been claimed at any point etc}, body damage etc.

I would still suggest a diesel though..

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it's a superb buy if you are getting SX4 which has only clocked 7500kms for 5 lacs smiley4.gif .......checkout if there is any case running on the car..!!

                      But with the monthly running of 1500 kms .....atleast i would have gone for diesel..

                           though if SX4 is in good condition and is problem free...then go for it...

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