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Hello ,

Now Skoda has reduced the Fabia 1.2 MPI active price alone by 50K.By this the information I checked with the local dealer and he also confirm the offer.

Is it worth to go for it?

Please advice. I am looking for a pertrol car with the budget of 5Laks.


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Well the price may have come down to a reasonable level, but they must also reduce the maintenance and spares cost. Or they should introduce an extended warranty / maintenance package so that customers are covered for 4 years.


Car is good barring the above factor

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          You should go for Skoda-Volkswagen vehicle if you are ready to shell out a huge amount of money on Maintenance and Spare parts.

    No doubt the Build Quality and Comfort Levels are exceptional but what about ASS, Maintenance, Spare Parts Cost?

     In your budget, you can have a look at following petrol cars-

i10, A-Star, Swift, Vista Safire, Getz.


         You say the 1.2 Active has price revision of 50K.

       You may save 50K for now. But what about the Costs of Service, Maintenance, and Spare Parts.

          It will be better to invest 50 K more (if needed) to get Peace of Mind in long run.
sudeepd2009-04-09 11:59:28

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