Appalachian Breakdown: Mahindra to dump regional p


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by Dan Roth on Apr 10th, 2009 at 4:27PM

Rather than get all hung up on what's in a model name, Mahindra may want U.S. consumers to become more familiar with the new-to-America brand itself. Initially, the Indian automaker's mid-sized pickups were expected to carry the "Appalachian" moniker when they came to America, but now, is reporting that the trucks will probably go alphanumeric, if recent patent filings for TR20 and TR40 designations are anything to go by.

The website speculates that the "20" and "40" indicate two- and four-door versions of the trucks, which will be tweaked to better cater to buyers in the US market. The imported, Toyota Tacoma-sized, diesel-powered newcomers are expected to be available by December, no matter what they're called.


Source- autoblogs

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guys as it is mahindra has entered US ie, world`s most difficult and competititve pick-up market , with 2/4 door pick up versions of scorpio 2.2...time will telll....whether they can survive and compete with established pick-up manufacturers like ford , chevrolet,toyota ,mitsubishi .......its now a game of survival

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