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i10 spotrz speaker upgrade advice

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Hi guyz i recently bought i10 sportz which has an oem audio setup,with

a 2din headunit(it was a KIA/Hyundai OEM) +4 speakers included.

For me

the HU is okay,But the speaker output is not satisfactory(i suppose

these are single-cone as i was hearing more bass&mids,no highs).

So my options for upgrade are

1)Front components JBL608c

2)Rear 6.5 Coaxials JBL638,


need to be placed in door provisions,i don't want to install ovals in

the rear parcel tray even if it is a better placement option.

My question is do i need an amp for this setup,coz i don't want to overshoot my budget of 6-8k(grey),


i must then is a 2ch amp enough to drive the compn's,using the HU to

drive he rears.Buying an amp would be my last resort.Any other ideas??

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To your first query, No, you don't need an amp for this set up. You should listen it without an amp for a few days and if you don't like it then opt for an amp. BUT if you like listening to music a little loud then you will need an amp otherwise you speakers may distort (jar) at high volumes.

To your second query, if you get a 2 ch amp then as you rightly say you should  power the fronts with it, which I think will improve the sound. There are other options too.

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