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Rules and notes for Guess The Car (GTC)

Hi all, this is how GTC works in steps.

1. I will post a picture of a car.

2. Who ever guesses my car will then post a picture of a single car, and so on.

4. If the person does not post a picture of a car when it is there turn, after 24Hrs (or so) the person who last posted the picture will do it again.

e.g. Say X posts a picture, and Y guesses it, then it is Y's turn. If he does not post a picture within 24 hrs (or so) then it will be X's turn again

kk!!! i hope u all have under stood, so here's the first pic :-


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That is the ORCA C113

And it is a One off concept. Not a production car.


I think we already have something similar to this game already on this forum. I cant find it though. If someone knows the link, please do post it here.

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