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I will be taking the delivery of my new Honda City I-VTEC shortly. I have been suggested by the dealer to go for certain car-care products. The details are as follows -

1. Waxoyl 100 Plus Paint Sealant - Rs 4800/-

2. Waxoyl Professional 120-4 Cavity protector - Rs. 3691/-

3. Waxoyl Hardwax Underbody protector - Rs. 3691/-

4. Waxoyl UPT Fabric Protector - 2091/-

5. Waxoyl Motor Care Engine protector - Rs. 450/-

If I go for all the 5 at the same time, I will get a discounted price of Rs 12252/-

My questions -

1. How is Waxoyl as a brand in car care products?

2. Do the costs mentioned above seem overpriced? If yes, what other alternatives are available?

3. Are these products really beneficial for the car? I stay in Pune which is prone to waterlogging in the monsoons. Will any of these products help protect my car from the wear and tear?

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1. Waxoyl is reputed brand in India.

2. Except the Engine Protector, all other are overpriced.

3. For Modern Cars, it is not necessary going for these products.

    We own two indigos Indigo LS and Indigo XL. On LS, we had carried out Body Polishing at the very beginning. But other than that we did not carry anything on it. On XL, nothing has been done.

LS is May 2004 and 1,63,000+Kms.

XL is May 2007 and 77,000+Kms.

No sign of rust under the body on both cars yet. TouchWood.


As I told, modern Cars dont require anything extra.

Just keep it clean. Thats it.
sudeepd2009-04-13 11:16:39

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Quite an expensive package!

I don't know about down South, but up North, we just get done 3M/Teflon body treatment/coating & it does fine.

Total costs are ~ 3-4K only!

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Its no use, regular dealer level gimmick;

just get uv polish done at every service and it'll be just fine.

Also dont wash the car with plain water at home, use car shampoo & wax polish. You can try waxpol's silicon polish it also does a good job & very little effort.


I have a 5yr old NHC. Have been using 3M shampoo, wax and tyre polish...the car looks absolutely new.

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its a myth that modern cars just requires cleaning up no other care is required, it is better to leave car care to the experts, ofcource if you are a enthu. u can also try out certain DIY products but handpolishing is just not enough for today's 2 K paints if you appoint somebody to do the job for you it will save you lot of money ,time and effort and you get a proffessional doing the job

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I Autocar India May Issue there is an advertisement of "Wash your Car Without Water" on page 170.

  It Reads-

             The Ultimate Waterless Car Wash Specially Formulated for All Paints. The First Product In The Market To Address The Special Needs Of The New Generation Paints Of Today. An Easy Application.... Spray And Rub On, Buff Off And You Have Cleaned, Polished And Protected The Finish Of Your Custom Show Car Or Your Everyday Car. The Only Product You Need For Your Paints, Gel Coats, Glass, Chrome And Polished Aluminum.


Experts Please put light on this.

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these car care products nothing else but "eyewash" and a scheme for your dealer to squeeze more money out of you.

all your car needs is good quality car polish(e.g turtle wax),car shampoo and loads of elbow grease to keep it looking good for years

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