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Some Bad News. The new Wheels that I put on the GT-R are Stuck and not coming out. So i guess I am Stuck with these new ones. Also, A couple of new things for everyone here. Forgive the bad photography though...


Lamborghini Murcelago Spyder. In Metallic Pearl Gold.



Lamborghini Reventon.



Mercedes-McLaren SLR




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Glad you liked them. Actually, I am keeping these cars on behalf of a friend. He shall be taking them back soon. I am not much of a Lambo Guy to be very Honest. They have never caught my Fancy. Even The LP560 was well and good for a day..And then it got boring.

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I have tracked down a BMW M3 and a MERCEDES S65 ///AMG. Unfortunately, I dont think I would be able to buy these as the Merc costs 5.5K and the Beemer costs 4.9K!!! Sad Aint it.......I have been waiting for these two cars in Particular for ages and now I cant have them!!!!!.....

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Well these car small scale models are themselve expensive so what about real one.

I remeber arguing with my father over a Lexus model .It was made of steel white colour and best detailing one can see only in real car and it had good piece of alloys and it was remote controlled( not the cheap looking types) and it retailed at 3k that was in 00 or 01 but I still remember it .I saw it in BIG TOM

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