Engine oil for Pulsar 220

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I own a Pulsar 220 which is 15 months old..I would like to change the company recommended Valvoline oil with a good performance oil...

The main concern is company recommends 20W50 graded engine oil..and I have seen castrol power 1 and castrol power 1 racing are of 15W40 and 10W40 respectively...

The normal power 1 is part synthetic and power 1 racing is fully synthetic..

So, will it be wise enough to go for Castrol..

Will there be any performance improvement?

If yes then, I am willing to go for Power 1 Racing oil...

If anyone here is from Kolkata, kindly provide the dealer information where I can get the power 1 racing oil...

Also I have heard that Motul factory line 300V is the best engine oil available in the market...

If anyone can provide me the details of genuine Motul dealer in Kolkata, would be of great help..

Thanks and Regards

Suvadeep Paulsmiley1.gif

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I would recommend to go for Castrol Activ Xtra 20W50 Engine Oil.

It meets the BAL recommendation of SAE 20W50.

I use the same in my Pulsar 180 DTS-i (LCD Speedometer).

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