Simple DIY performance Mods on Esteem

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I have a model 2000 mpfi esteem type 2 LXI. I was bored with the car so I decided to add punch to the engine performance.


I researched and did the following DIY Mods :


1. Cold Air Intake with Heat Shield

2. Side Gapped the stock spark plugs

3. Fabricated and added an Oil Catch Can

4. Removed CAT and mid-car resonator exhaust and replaced rear exhaust can of esteem with Opel Corsa 1.6 exhaust which is way open and free flowing.


5. Shaved and polished the throttle body from inside.

6. Drilled my disc brakes.


Now I have a much better low end torque and past 2000 rpm the car flies like a rocket and most of the cars of similar engine capacity or even upto 1.6 letre trying to pick on me in street racing bite the dust in seconds.


I want to post the pictures here.

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I just saw all the pictures. The work you have done is innovative but its too messy and there a lot better simpler and better alternatives.

1. Instead of cutting the OE air filter for better air-flow, install an aftermarket filter like HKS or KnN.

2. The complicated custom made heat shield around the air filter is not required either. Just install a cold air intake with the metal intake pipe.

3.For free flow you have installed a Corsa 1.6 muffler. It takes a lot of fitting work which can be eliminated. Just install an aftermarket exhaust which fits into the Esteem.

If you are really interested in upgrading your performance install the following parts.

1. Cold air intake.

2. Free flow exhaust.

3. Racing cams.

4. Polished heads.

5. Short ratio gear box( the Zen gear box will do ).

6. Aftermarket ECU.

7. Stage2 racing clutch.

I appreciate the ideas you have put in but its just not worth it!!

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I see that you have removed the CAT as you have mentioned. I think this is not a good idea. Good for performance and bad for environment. And as Alok has asked, could you give us the improvements/status of your car right now?

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