ANHC or Fiesta 1.6S

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Hi All,


I am a novice as far as cars are concerned. I am comparing ANHC S MT and Ford Fiesta 1.6S, however not finding it easy to choose between the two.


Features important to me are comfortable space for 5 adults, good interiors and exteriors, sturdy body, and easy manuarability in city. As far as safety features are concerned, both cars seem to have the same features.


Differences I found are -

ANHC has longer turning radius (5.3 m) than Fiesta (4.9m)

ANHC has audio controls mounted on the stearing wheel

Leather covered stearing wheel is standard in Fiesta

Alloy wheels are standard in Fiesta only

Feasta has Seat Lumbar support


and then there is almost 1.5 lacs difference when it comes to price tag.


I did not compare the engines, as I understand little about them.


I would like to know how these car compare in terms of seating space, interior comfort, interior design and quality. I have heard that ANHC plastics dont look that good.


Appreciate your inputs.




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You also got stuck in similar confusion in which I am :-)

I liked the Fiesta looks and to think from dil se then yes I looking forward towards Ford Fiesta.

But not sure if its worth to pay extra for ANHC bcuz of its brand..they just charging for the brand only.


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kkumar is right. Honda is charging for their brand. I suggest you Fiesta 1.6s but mind you, its spares are quite costly and its maintenance will not be friendly on your pocket.

Also Fiesta is smallest amongst its rivals in interior space.

Why dont you have a look at Fiat Linea or Maruti SX4 instead?

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@ Rahul,

I am a happy owner of Fiat Linea petrol but seeing the requirements of RIZ, i think he wants a car with a BIG engine which can help him in quicker acceleration and a peppy engine but Linea at 90 bhp wont suffice him.

I would still ask you to go for a TD for Linea if you arent an engine freak and think 90 bhp is way too underpowered. I trusted FIAT but maybe you wont, everyone puts their hard earned money on their wish so wont force you too much.

Have a TD, its anyways free na, they will come to your home with the car.smiley36.gif SX4 is also a good option to consider assuming you havent thrown Linea and SX4 after your consideration of the two cars lol.

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I say riz should go for the City. You should put aftermarket Tyres and alloys or if you think the price is too high after that, then go for the Civic Base. Either one will satisfy your need. Ford Fiesta is fun to drive, superb handling but cramped rear seats and ford's A.S.S is a problem. The Fiesta is also a bit short on equipment.

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You should also consider Linea and SX4, let me put in this way :

Fiesta : great handling and a good driver's car but rear seat is cramped for 5 people, Ford's ASS isn't that good either.

Honda City : amazing car with good performance, best in class space and FE but price is higher.

Linea : overall a very good car but you may not like the performance and you may not want to go for a Fiat.

SX4 : good in almost everything but not exceptional on any aspect, comfortable for 4 people if not 5 and FE is lower than City.

I would suggest you to have a TD of these 4 cars and decide which one suits your requirements.

And also have a look at the buyer's guide in AAA.

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