Ford Fiesta-Shocking shocks !!

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Hi ,

This is my first post and hope to recieve some useful info.


I own a Ford Fiesta 1.4 duratorq Zxi since July  2007. I have driven 21000 kms since then limited mainly to city driving with occasional spurts of highway driving between Pune and Mumbai.

 Problem being faced;

The shock absorbers are terrible and I get a creaking/rattle noise everytime I  roll to a stop. This has been occuring since the vehicle was new.

Now I get a " click "sound when i turn the steering hard right.

Regards point 1 above , I have reported this to Ford during every free service and everytime they have said they will remove the shock and lubricate them !!!

I cannot understand what is there to lubricate a shock absorber. Is this not  a sealed unit ???

Obviously someone at their Lalbaug service station is pulling a fast one and I am fed up and want to send a strong letter (albeit late) , to their service head.

Can you provide me some e-mail address of whom I could approach and would look at the problem with a sound technical knowledge rather than just give  me lip service.?

Could do with some help here.


Kind regards,



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Hi Seacat, one of my friend also reported similar issues with Fiesta diesel.


Try getting in touch with Ford management, you should be able to get their contact info. from Ford India website.

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The advise I normally give is to keep telling it at your service point, if they just won't fix it within warranty, head to another service point. Makes a whole lot of difference sometimes!

Good luck with the fixes!

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You should have quashed the service center guys the first time this problem was not removed.....You are allowed to take a test drive of the vehicle before you make the final payment after service... or may be you belong to the class of people who sit at home waiting for the Service center people to collect and drop the car back at your place...

Next time take your car for a service and make sure that the service center guys note the issues in the job card...ask for a printout of the estimate around the job card.... and when you go to collect your vehicle ....make sure that you check each and every job mentioned ....against the work not clear the payment till the time they resolve your issues........they are answerable to you till the time you have stopped the one will even look at you after you have cleared the payment and taken delivery... called good customer service is a way to make you are taken care that you don't use your brain and don't complain.....ever noticed the service center guys getting pissed of when you question them about why this was done to my car.....they are there to make quick money.....and they will do anything to make a quick buck....they don't care about your vehicle ....they are bothered about ...vehicle turnaround time and... profitability....

Its your car...your have to fight for it....and make sure people charging you..... deliver what you want.....

viveksonkhla2009-04-28 08:48:16

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Thanks Vivek,

Very true and agree with you. As they say... you learn from your mistakes. Nevertheless ;

a) I always drop and pick up the car myself . I dont have the car delivered bacuse I never trust another driver with my car ( unfortunately I am an eccentric parsee you see....)

B) I always check under the bonnet to see if the job has been done.

c) In this case everytime i have taken delivery of the car and test driven it i have found the shock Ok but 2 days later....same problem.

d) I have even reported it in the feedback call they give after the service. On one ocassion, this call was from their Chennai office asking for service feedback wherein I very clearly told them i was not happy with the last service.

e) They note down my complaint and always promise to get back .


The rest is history.

Take care  and again thanks for the inputs. Most appreciated.



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Let me try and solve your problem , though I cannot guarantee...but this may lead you to some conclusion......

Please elaborate point one and two in your first post.....

Lets do a quick diagnose if you want....

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