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hello i have got an old gypsy from  my and i want to modify it according to my convinience, so i have couple of questions, so if anyone could answer my questions i would be very thankful.

the questions are as follows:

1) please suggest shockers for gypsy - to make it a soft ride ( front and rear both ).

2) please suggest a steering wheel with an axis 16.5"-17" that would fit gypsy's original.

3) what is the factory height of leaf springs ( front and rear both )?

4) can i go for tyres 214/80/R15 or 225/75/R15 for my gypsy?

5) please suggest me the best workshop, where i would find the best quality materials and best services to modify my gypsy, in and around new delhi.

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Hi Abhinav, you have inadvertently posted 2 similar topics!


For shockers try Koni.

If you need the same axis for the steering, why not the original then?

Regarding height of leafs, you would have to get in touch with Maruti or Gypsies service manual!

There are various modifiers in Delhi - Autopsyche, DC, etc.

Local members from Delhi can guide better. Also, you could refer to Autocar advts. section.

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thank you sir for your valuable infos, but sir if i want to put a new steering wheel then which cars steering kit would you suggest and one more thing can i use Tyres 214/80/R15 or 225/75/R15 for my gypsy?

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Welcome, its better to stick to original steering wheel kits for safety.

Regarding tyres, for what purpose are you looking for an upgrade, also whats the stock size?

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For steering wheels you can browse through the shops there are lot of after market wheels with leather and wood finishes available.

With regards to tires if you want to go for fat tires you need to have power steering any good mechanic can retrofit the esteem pwrstrg kit on the Gypsy.

or go for the tires with come as OE on army Mahindras.

DesertStorm or some such brand from MRF if am correct.

Leaf springs as MASS to revert to original height, don't mod this it will spoil the handling of the car,

I under stand that fibre composite leaf springs are also available, or else you can change the character of the leaf springs by going for thinner ones which will give a softer ride, this can be done by removing a couple of leaves from this spring.

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Hello Abhinav,

World u like to have a carbon fiber composite leaf spring for ur Gypsy.

We are the manufacturers of carbon fiber composite leaf spring suspension which will give you a feel of coil suspension or to some extent like an air suspension.

We have all the tests done and have fantastic reports for the same.I can share the test reports along with the video with you.

Contact - Tushar Pawar 09960809010/ 09011022861 tussharpawar@yahoo.co.in

We assure for 100% satisfaction with carbon fiber composite leaf spring suspensions.

Carbon fiber composite leaf spring availabfor Mahindra - Scorpio, Bolero, Invader. MM 550-540 / Ford - Endeavour and many other models.

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