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ok guys...


i went to a certain ford dealer to test drive the fiesta diesel and the fusion diesel and this is what i got...



i entered the dealership and asked if they could make a place for my car so that i could park it...first they said NO..yea can u believe it..they actually said no..

and then after a lot of deliberation they let me park in their compound...


then came the time for seeing and TDing the they made me take my car out...then they took out one fusion...well and good...then the guy who i was dealing with got into a fight with the dealer owners driver in which they both started giving each other "mother" and "sister" gallis...


then i got soo frustrated that i took my car out and parked it in some galli which was like 50 m. away and came walking...the two of them were still at i became moderator and asked if we could actually go for the TD...finally we left....and what do i see....kms left for the amount of fuel left was shown as 4 km...yes 4 i told him so...and guess the reply..."woh ac mat use karo aap" i decided that it was best to cut it short and go back to the dealership and get the hell out of there....


so i did...and that was the end of it...I AM NEVER GOING BACK TO THAT DEALERSHIP AGAIN....





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I wish all were as blunt as you.

 May be the dealership's name should be disclosed for all to know, and (hopefully) blacklist. When will they learn that these are not the days of the old Amby (3 year wait) and Premier (9 year wait), or even the early M800 (50% premium).

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Cyrus.. am not laughing at you but at the PATHETIC way that most car dealer's treat prospective clients...

Same thing happened to me many moon's ago when I went to drive the then "NEW" Octy at a Chembur Dealer.. km's left on the trip computer showed 5!!!
We actually ran out of diesel on the test drive..

PATHETIC I tell ya...

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Long while back, while testing the Escort, I was given a car with little fuel, after few km, the dealer rep, a young girl asked me if I could put some fuel and that I shall be reimbursed. I put fuel in the car and then drove it till I saw the temp needle creeping up to 95C, I was told its perfectly normal for summer, that was the end of my test for Fix Or Repair Daily products and I went back to the Found On Road Dead dealer and returned the car and didn't even bother for the reimbursement.

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They must have been dealing with Amby's and Premier's during their heyday's, Dinosaur's for sure; don't worry Cyrus they surely meet the Dino's fate. Why don't u place a complaint with Ford India. In these days, an email can get the required response, for all that wasted time at the Ford Dealership.

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Here's what happened to a friend of mine 2 week's ago..and the letter he wrote to Bajaj.. to which he still has not got a reply..

I would like to thank you for a nostalgic experience I
had today (Saturday, 06/10/07) at Sai Service at
Phoenix Mill Compound Lower Parel, Mumbai.

I went there to inquire about and purchase the Pulsar
220. The experience there reminded me of a 1980's
visit to a Yezdi, Premier Padmini, Bajaj and other
Auto showrooms of the time.

I was greeted at Sai Service by two disinterested and
rude sales persons.

There was no vehicle on display or for a test ride. On
further inquiry, I was informed that there was no
vehicle available for sale, display, test ride or
otherwise. On my insistence they enlightened me that
if they had ANY vehicle available, they would rather
sell it to a customer than keep it in their display .

I reminded them that I too was a customer looking to
check and ride the vehicle before purchase. To this
they said that there was "NO CHANCE" of Test riding or
booking the Pulsar 220 as there were absolutely no
vehicles available.

The problem they said was not theirs and I should take
up the matter with Bajaj who was responsible for the
whole "PROBLEM".

My points here are;

1) My thanks for a trip down memory lane and reminding
me of the attitude of Auto Sales Persons in the

2) Giving me a chance to appreciate the service
offered by other auto dealers in the new millenium
from where i have purchased and service my current

3) Does Bajaj inculcate and condone this attitude from
their representatives.

4) Though I am not a rich man, I would be happy to
send a cheque for the amount to Bajaj and donate a
Pulsar 220 for test rides and/or display so that
enthusiastic youngsters are not forced to Purchase
vehicles under duress. Let the Generation Next not
have to live in the last century.

All in all a most Disheartening and Disappointing
experience. A sad ending to what was to be an
impulsive purchase.

Thanking you,


To this.. an autocar staffer replied..

Dear XYZ
> His is the response of Bajaj.
> In your place I would tell them you wanted to try/
> purchase the bike, and
> move ahead.
> Regards,



To which my amused friend replys...


I did what i did coz i was honestly disappointed with
their attitude.

I mailed Bajaj and Sai Service. Sai Service called and
i spoke and requested a mail response to my mail.

The protocol would be so correct if they did.

In fact the basis of the issue is protocol in the
first place. They don't get the picture and sadly, you
seem to have missed it too.

I think the matter ends here. I haven't moved ahead,
i've obviously been leagues ahead all this time.

And last i checked, Sai Service and Bajaj were two
different entities.

As i had said in my earlier mail, no response from
Bajaj, and none expected. I can show you scores of
professional responses from NGK, HONDA, TOYOTA, EXXON
AND MOBIL in my inbox, But sadly HAMARA Bajaj.

Over and out,
Nice to see this still goes on today eh?



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I'm an ol' crusader at this. My fridge has been replaced 3 times within a year and my lowly remote phone the second time. Both the times email has worked where phone calls and 'gaali's did not. Because u have to deal with same zonal guys when u complain, they probably get tired of u. If u go one rung up; to the corporate HQ guys they take notice. Try this route and tell me if it works. U can't go slack, keep the pressure on.

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Cyrus, you should probably try the HQ route, it works always.  Your experience took me down the memory lane too when I had my Bajaj Sunny scooterette in school.  Going to the dealer and the service station was no different from going to any of our government offices.  Bajaj never faced the competition they face now at that time, so you can imagine how worse that could be.  The service manager would even raise his tone, when enquired about the delivery times.  Then I had to actually give him a piece of my temper to calm him down. One would imagine that healthy competition would improve service standards, but our experience says otherwise. 

I had a similar experience when I first test drove the Swift, though not as bad.  Believe me, nothing from the dealer's side impressed me or convinced me to buy the car.  I bought the car with my eyes closed as I had seen the car being widely appreciated in the UK and it was Autocar's "car of the year!" 


The dealer was so mis-informed and ignorant that he didn't even know that the ZXi's tyres would fit on VXi's rims! I bought the VXi, but I wanted the wider tyres of the ZXi.  He had to call their tyrewala to confirm!  The test car too was in a battered condition with lots of rattles.  I even made a remark in the feedback form, "please maintain your test car properly as this is the first impression anyone would get to think of buying the car!"  I can't believe that I had to actually tell them that.  And the sales guy who was "selling" me the car was just talking rubbish, I actually knew more about the car from reading Autocar.


Its obviously a long way to go as far as service is concerned.  So the actual sales figures don't really justify the numbers that the car would have actually sold, had the dealers been more attentive to prospective buyers. 






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Oh God! Cyrus please verify whether this dealer was in the 1960's and 1970's also a dealer for  Fiats, Bajajs, Lambrettas or even Ambassadors?? They kept big, fat registers of waiting lists with the booking amounts entered.Now there's no Perestrioka for him, he may not change!!

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I personally think we should rename SHAMAN FORD as SHAME-ON-U FORD. I have had a disappointing experience, where I have booked a Test Drive of the New Ford Endeavour on two occasions. This is after having applied on their website and having someone from Ford Delhi call me and confirm! They never showed up on both occasions.

I even called up and complained. to one person at the dealership who 'promised' that it  would not happen again. So much for false  promises.

Unfortunately, Ford does NOT have an email ID that you can write to and complain or give feedback. So, it's a real pity. Shaman is really ruining whatever equity Ford has in Mumbai.

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The GO FIDA slogan sounds like a gaali in Hindi that rhymes with something to do with a person's mother.. if you need help figuring it out.. lemme know..:D




really made me laugh on that one zavo.....

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