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I was pretty excited about the Cruze so was googling the net and found a very comprehensive review about it at Channel4.com


Designed by the man who helped create the current Fiat 500, the Chevrolet Cruze aims to take on the Ford Focus with a combination of brash looks and low price.

It certainly looks the part. The Cruze introduces a striking new design language that's more cohesive than anything Chevy has done before.

The price is also right: the Cruze starts from ?11,545 for the 1.6S model and is very well-equipped, including ESP as standard.

Under the skin the Cruze is equally appealing. Rather than being fobbed off with out-of-date hand-me-down GM technology, it gets the new GM platform that will eventually underpin the next Astra. It also gets a range of European-friendly engines.

Inside, the interior is a revelation, offering soft-touch plastics and good attention-to-detail - something Chevrolet has previously neglected.

Unfortunately, there's a catch. The Cruze will only be available as a saloon, something UK drivers only buy if there's a BMW, Mercedes or Audi badge glued to it. A hatch may follow later, but not until late 2010.

So is this enough to ruin the value-packed Cruze's chances of giving Ford a serious run for its money?

Reliability and Quality

Chevrolet has had an appalling start in the UK, struggling to offer any real customer satisfaction. In the most recent JD Power survey, the brand was placed a dismal 26th out of 28 manufacturers.

The Cruze's precedessor, the Lacetti, ranked 68th out of 100, with over a third of the people surveyed having problems with their car's engine and half of them reporting faults with either the suspension and steering.

Despite all this, there is hope. The Cruze is the first Chevrolet to be developed on this side of the Atlantic, covering more than 1.2 million kilometres of durability testing.

Furthermore, the cabin quality is a huge leap forward, with high attention-to-detail such as rubber-bevelled finish on the air conditioning and dials. And, unlike in other Chevys, there are almost no hard, scratchy plastics to be found.

On the road

The small family class is full of great driving cars, all jostling to beat the class-leading Ford Focus. Unfortunately, the Cruze falls way behind. Favouring comfort over agility, it doesn't quite add up on European roads.

Turn into a bend and you'll be surprised at how quick and direct the steering feels. It's almost sportscar quick. But you soon realise that's where the sportscar comparisons end.

It does feel safe, secure and predictable, but ultimately it has more body roll and less front-end grip than its rivals.

The 148bhp 2.0-litre diesel is the best engine in the launch range. It's relaxed and reasonably refined, but we think it could do with a six- instead of five-speed gearbox, since some of the ratios feel a little long.

We were disappointed with the two petrol engines. The 111bhp 1.6-litre needs working hard and goes about its work in a gruff, unenthusiastic manner. Performance is also less than sparkling: 0-62mph takes 12.5 seconds.

The more powerful 139bhp 1.8 feels only slightly quicker, despite reaching 62mph in a much faster 10 seconds. Our car fizzed annoyingly, too.

Safety and Security

Chevy is one of the few brands that can't boast a five-star crash rating for any of the models it sells, but we expect this to change once the Cruze has been tested by Euro NCAP.

The platform has been engineered to exceed the current tests and the addition of six airbags and standard ESP across the range means we expect the full five-star rating for occupancy protection.

Running Costs

Nothing special. The entry-level 1.6-litre petrol averages 42.2mpg, with carbon dioxide emissions of 159g/km. The 1.8 averages 41.5mpg and also emits 159g/km. Both petrols are in tax band D.

The 50.4mpg 2.0-litre diesel emits 149g/km, putting it into the cheaper tax band C.

Comfort and Equipment

We've already mentioned the Cruze's comfort-biased handling and this theme continues in the large cabin. True, headroom is limited in the rear for the tall, but there's a lot more space than you would expect from a small family car.

Equipment levels are competitive. The base S trim has a driver's seat that adjusts for height, six airbags and ESP.

Upgrade to the LS specification - expected to be the best seller - and you gain air con, 16" alloys and parking sensors.

Finally the range-topping LT brings cruise control, 17" alloys.





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It has to be a good car. Magnum has a brilliant diesel engine with 120 horses...148 for a 12-13 lakh car would be mind blowing

Yeah lets hope so' date=' but it is expecting to touch 14 lakhs above on-road.


The headlights of the new UK Toyota Avensis have been ripped off from the Chevrolet Cruze.

The soft-touch plastics are good, but the cabin seems a bit claustrophobic.

When I first saw the design of the Cruze, I knew that the rear headroom would cause problems.

But nevertheless, the Cruze has a very aerodynamic design.

Chevy is one of the few brands that can't boast a five-star crash rating for any of the models it sells.


LOL ME!!! HAHAHAH!! smiley17.gifsmiley36.gifsmiley36.gifsmiley36.gifsmiley36.gifsmiley36.gifsmiley36.gifsmiley36.gifsmiley36.gifsmiley36.gifsmiley36.gifsmiley36.gifsmiley36.gifsparshq2009-05-01 02:15:34

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Cruze is a competent car with good looks and amazing interiors, i think the diesel will be successful if they can price it well since both Civic and Altis have only petrol variants.

I don't the petrol will sell much.

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It does feel safe' date=' secure and predictable, but ultimately it has more body roll and less front-end grip than its rivals.


Wonder, it comes from the stable of GM that produces Astras.

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This is great looking car and with this model chevrolet can compete against the yet tobe launched Mitsubishi Lancer EVO and Skoda LAURA (New Face). But performace is always a question in Chevrolet's vehicles so they should put an impressive engine with sleek gearbox to remain in win-win situation. As far as design and interiors are concerned, they look promising.

lancer-eveolution.jpg Lancer Evo 2009

EvoMR_Part2_Lead.jpg Lancer Evo Interior

2009_Laura_071108_53.jpg Skoda Laura 2009


54792d1222834254-skoda-laura-octavia-int Skoda Laura Interior (Not very sure)

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