MS Ritz (Splash) launch details leaked..!!!

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Wow, the pricing seems to be very cleaver. Sure, it will be a great success. Happy that interior quality is better than swift.

I was planning to replace my Maruti Baleno with some premium diesel sedan, since my average running is too high for a petrol car. (I am still very happy with my Baleno, which has done close to 1 lakh km). But, now I am planning to keep my Baleno, and buy a Ritz VDi with ABS option. :)

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well rishi del is not imposing his views on anyone ...i did know that i put my views so perfectly that people r imposing them on themselves ....

there is differance between expresing and imposing ...why wud i impose them on others ....this is a forum and we all have have right to express....

i never ask any one to either give his assent to my views ..or impose on urself...

i have a right to say and and i will use my right as and when want ...

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Ritz Pricing for Thane & Mumbai. there is no deiff. for metalic & non-metalic color



Variant Non Metalic (Rs)  Metalic (Rs)
RITZ LDI BS IV 482976.99 482976.99
RITZ VDI (ABS) BS IV 537084.87 537084.87
RITZ VDI BS IV 518039.04 518039.04
RITZ VXI ( ABS) BS IV 465159.33 465159.33
RITZ VXI BS IV 439038.24 439038.24
RITZ LXI BS IV 407694.33 407694.33
RITZ ZXI BS IV 504972.07 504972.07
Variant Non Metalic (Rs)  Metalic (Rs)
RITZ LDI BS IV 480753.58 480753.58
RITZ VDI (ABS) BS IV 534579.3 534579.3
RITZ VDI BS IV 515634.89 515634.89
RITZ VXI ( ABS) BS IV 463036.8 463036.8
RITZ VXI BS IV 437054.81 437054.81
RITZ LXI BS IV 405871.83 405871.83
RITZ ZXI BS IV 502643.5 502643.5

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