Auto sales continue upward surge in April 2009

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Car sales continued to show an impressive growth in April 2009, compared to sales in the corresponding period last year. While Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai Motors grew by 9 per cent and 4 per cent respectively, sales at Mahindra & Mahindra increased by a whopping 36 per cent. Honda Siel Cars India (HSCI) too saw an 8 per cent increase in sales. A number of factors have helped maintain a positive sales trend in the past few months. Significant among these are the two stimulus packages announced by the government in December and January, reduced lending rates and the election-related boost to demand.
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  Domestic car sales in April 2009      
  Manufacturer Apr-2008 Apr-2009 Change
  Maruti Suzuki 59,539 64,857 +8.9%  
  Hyundai Motor 21,501 22,247 +3.5%  
  Mahindra & Mahindra 13,560 18,447 +36%  
  Tata Motors 14,843 13,410 -9.7%  
  Honda Seil 3,400 3,656 +7.5%  
  Fiat India 400 1,205 +201.3%  
  Mahindra Renault 1,713 550 -67.9% 

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