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Daihatsu Materia mini-MPV


According to me MPVs need to be 7 Seater otherwise it looses its uniqueness. If it's a four seater it looks like a big Hatch back car just as New Honda CR-V (But looks great), Hyundai Tuscon (I cannot post picture as this post is for "Good Looking MMPVs" only), Mitsubishi Outlender (Mitsubishi Outlender still looks like an SUV) etc...


Honda CR-V


Mitsubishi Outlander

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There was a new Renault MPV which the first to get 5star NCAP rating for Renault and 5 gear guys showed real time crash testing of it with older gen one and a land rover.

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Mazda MPV 2007- Mazda Seems to have good lin-up of goodlooking MPVs. Any Plans for India ? The may start with their MPVs if they want to be known to a large customer base.


Now I learned to Edit the Post. smiley4.giftejasmehta9902009-05-10 06:38:49

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Thanks sparshq for your complements.

I am still searching better compitition for XYLO smiley36.gif

(Please refer my post Toyota should Launch Avanza against XYLO)

I like the MPVs for its sturdyness, go anywhere attitude and big interior with wide scope of customisation for the n-number of in car entertainment systems. Even exterior can also be added up with Mag wheels, body kits etc...

The above can also be done in hatch or saloon but MPV has more impact of cutomisation.

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