Which used POWERFUL Car?

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Well VW should get more dealer before the launch of the Polo also with in a month of Passat's launch I saw many on the road which I didn't expect so I think VW has a good start.

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Still could not come across a single decent less mileage, vRS. The Cedia's owner is now in two minds whether to sell the car or not!! Could not find any other Cedia so have to pester the owner of the only Cedia for sale to sell it to me.


Last week drove a Superb V6 and an Accord V6 both auto's and petrols and clearly made up my mind that auto's are definitely not for me. I just can't wait for the kick down's to happen in these cars when you floor the accelerator whereas I am used to the instant gratification of my Palio's pull in 2nd and 3rd, which gives my face a wide grin!


Now, there are lots of Civics for sale nowadays so I am thinking of looking at a few Civic's and see what happens in the next few days.



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Late update:

Finally bought a Civic last July but thought I would still update this thread after so many months, with the list of cars I drove before I finally decided:

So here is a quick run through of the cars I had test driven :

1) Fiesta 1.6: Went to Ford to drive a 1.6S but they didn't have one for test drive so had to drive the 1.6 Sxi. The car was decent and the power was okay but just 100bhp similar to my Palio's. New car price for 1.6S Rs.8.00 lakhs

2) Linea 1.4 Emotion: Drove this car as I thought about buying a new one too and liked everything about the car except its power. New car price Rs.7.90 lakhs.

2) 2004 Octavia RS : Had my doubts about it as it had already run close to 50,000kms and I wanted a less mileage car but anyway went and test drove it. The power is addictive in this car!! Car had a lot of scratched and the interiors were a little shabby and the brakes and clutch needed a BIG job. Also the seller was asking a astronomical price of Rs.7 lakhs which was ridiculous.

3) 2007 Civic S AT : This car was at a dealers. Cars exterior was full of swirl marks and as it was a black, the scratches stood out more. Drove it around a little but decided that auto boxes are not for me. Price quoted 8.50 lakhs.

4) 2007 Civic V MT: This car was a gem, done about 27000kms, very clean interiors and the exteriors were neat and scratcless. It was like a new car. Price quoted 8.75 lakhs. Unfortunately the dealer did not budge below 8.30 lakhs and my final offer was 8.00 lakhs, which was the maximum I could stretch.

5) 2008 Fiesta 1.6S: This car was bought directly from Ford factory by a Ford staff and It had run 11,000kms before it got registered supposedly inside the factory and with a TEMP regn. plate. The car was super to drive, nice and stiff and the engine was really peppy and rev happy. Redlined it a couple of times and it felt eager to do so. But the windscreen had a crack, the interiors were dirty even though the seats were still covered in plastic and most of all the ECU in the engine bay had broken off its mooring and was hanging around!! Price quoted was 5.3 lakhs and I offered him 4.95 lakhs and left it at that.

6) 2008 Cedia Sports : This was the first car I drove and I liked it immediately and there is a photo of it in the thread too. Though the car didn't felt very powerful, it felt good and the car was well maintained. It was also in Red colour, had projector headlamps and I could buy it for a steal, 6 lakhs! And it had done only 18,000 kms. The problem was the buyer changed his mind by the time I got back to him.

7) 2007 Civic S MT: This is the car I finally bought! Company maintained, close to my house, self driven by the company's director, well maintained and drove well. The car was absolutly shining when I took a look at it and the interiors were clean too. Had a small dent in the rear near the tail lamp and quite of a small scratches below the c pillars on both the sides. All done by kids playing in his apartment complex! The car had done 33,000 kms in 28 months which I thought was high and had second thoughts about it. Price quoted was 8 lakhs and I quoted 7.3 lakhs.

8) 2005 Accord V6: This as you all know comes only with a auto box but still I drove it as it was coming in my budget. The car was clean from outside but the drivers seat electric adjustment was malfunctioning and the interiors felt worn out. The car was decent to drive and though powerful, I did not enjoy the drivng experience. It is also quite big and I would have parking issues with me taking the car to the city centre twice a week.

9) 2006 Superb V6: This car was pathetic from inside, the upholstry, door pads all worn out and I was sure the mileage was tampered with. It was just showing if I remember correctly around 22,000 kms! Drove it just for the heck of it and did not like it. I think the car was manhandled by its previous owner. But the rear space was incredible and comfort levels are high.

So finally after a lot of thinking and weighing all the pros and cons I finally chose the 2007 Civic S MT, car number 7 on the above list.

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