Ritz vs i10 Kappa vs Swift

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i test drove the Ritz and the I20 yesterday.With the Ritz there was lot of rattling noise in the rear at high speed,also the response is not good in the 2nd and 3rd gear and more over the biggest disadvantage of the Ritz is the verry poor judgement of the car on your right and left as the back pillars are very broad which blocks your view to see the cars at the back.The I20 was very smooth has all the advanced features only drawback i noticed was the seat being very low,in the higher end models we can ajust the hieht of the seat but in the base model it lacks that feature otherwise the car was very good.As far as the Swift goes its any way the best in its class.

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got the hands on the car!!!


and i start liking it now a days...

the front of the car is very attractive and at surprise glance it feels like modified and shockers lifted swift!!


the side view is also nice to the eyes and curves are smoother than expected. while continuing the side view, got astonished by the tail as the car ends much earlier than the curves suggested. from the side view the tail looks chopped off and bit odd.


but the rear view is much more interesting and refreshing than it looks in the pics. everything is well settled with the tail and the tail lamps adds the beauty to it.


from the inside the car is much roomier and gives the good feel while sitting inside. the cabin is very well designed and you don't feel cramped at any of the seat. the road view is very nice and the driving position is very commanding. thnks to the high sitting, even higher than santro or Wagon R(i felt it).


while i was enjoying the roomier interiors of the car, was got disappointed to see some of the controls and knobs inherited from its siblings.


being a new car you expect the excitement of driving and using the newest thing in the market, but while looking at the steering, gear knobs and etc, that excitment ends much quickly. though these material is good and faultless, but they cut out the excitement of being new car.

its just like using the old furniture in a new house!!!


the front seats are comfortale and has apmple support for body, whereas the rear bench is setup bit higher. the higher rear sitting provides the good view but also makes it bit bumpy too. i expected the rear seat bit more spacious than it actually is.


over all i like the architecture of the car and creative ideas for storage space.


pros: style, space, refreshing looks, foldable seats, spacious interiors

cons: dual tone colors, pop up tacho, inherited controls, odd side view


soon to come the ride details about Ritz.....

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smiley1.gifsmiley36.gifFirst all i would thanks all the reviewers before me who had done the hardwork for RITZ..


Today I had gone to MS for test driving the RITZ.. first nad foremost Conclusion ITS WOW!!!!smiley32.gifsmiley32.gifsmiley10.gif for MS..




At Ms, He had given war welcome,.. Gave all the options for choosing any model of RITz.. i tried the ZXI. of it and LDI,  to seee the difference,, in ZXi i felt its more roomier than swift(i have swift already). the gear box is gr8, power is superb. Interiors with tachometr gives sporty Touch,,, low noise... Finally when i want to know the price there is a BANG--vxi is for 4.72 on road chennai, i tried to Negoiate, but an half an hour conversation with the sales guy. he didnt  even reduced a Rupee. Then i went down to Hyundai which was very nearby..


At Hyundai . i straight away went to see  i10, he told he has the sportz model and there is no magna for test drive,.. so i drove it ...

It was Good,, gr8 space.. but Engine is not as powerful as Ritz.. but the interiors and Featueres are gR8..


then when we sat down for the price she at first told 4.45l for magna,, then after 2 mins converstion with my friend she reduced 12K for insurance, 5k for Corporate... bring it dwn to 4.29.. Then after i told i wil be bookin it in another 3 weeks,, she told she will offer door mats. sun flim, and gr8 dicount on Xplod.. So lots of discount from HYUNDAI>> i think they  are afraid of RITZ>....


To my conclusion i need to go to other showrooms and try it..

Ritz is still the best as mileage is 15KMPL.. i10 gives on 12..


I would like others to give their comments and experience.!!!!!!!!!!

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Hello Friends,

I am expecting my Ritz VDi ABS to be delivered on Tuesday. Initiallay, I have opted for White colour Ritz. However, a Fire Brick red colour have already arrived on their new consignment; and hence, I have decided to go for it.(I will need to wait for one more month for White colour!)

Will be posting the Initial impression soon! smiley17.gif

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It's just been around 20 days of the car's launch and I have already started spotting considerable amounts of them on the road. Looks like MSIL is receiving good feedback for the Ritz.

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Wow all you need will be good ICE which you have almost decided and alloys and fat wheels also Fire brick colour will also look good personally I like the blue in it but it is a darker shade and will look elegant.

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