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Had it been the petrol version of the Swift (a LXi, VXi or ZXi), I would have in one stroke preferred the Ritz with the new K series engine.The sub 1200 cc (1197cc exactly) petrol engine qualifies it for a small car excise rebate whereas the Swift petrols (1298cc) don't get rebates though they are below 4000 mm in length. So the petrol Ritz will be much cheaper with less taxes to pay.

But since you have booked a VDi (with a 1248cc Fiat MJDiesel engine), this qualifies for the small car rebate in excise duty. The definition for small diesels means that the engines must be below 1500cc and length below 4000mm.

And the Ritz too comes with the same diesel engine as the Swift. Hence, you can delay your purchase decision and research with personal visits  the to the showroom to check the bodylines of both cars. Read and view the test drive reports that appear in the media. Importantly, view automobile websites for test drive reports. There is a thread by Cyrus here on ACI forum too!

The Swift is notorious for offering a small luggage space. See if the Ritz offers more and also more comfy seats, legroom, dash and controls to your liking. Finally test drive and get a feel of both cars.

I am sure the Swift will remain slotted as the topmost premium hatch by Maruti Suzuki India Ltd  and the Ritz, A Star and the whole oldies smiley7.gif lot (Wagon R, Zen, Alto, 800 and so on) below it in that order.

anjan_c20072009-05-23 17:00:05

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many people here seem to prefer the ritz, even before it has actually hit the road. I beg to differ. The boot space in a ritz will be lesser than that of the swift.

And then the pricing see the ritz is priced marginally lesser than the swift and will continue to be. My assumption is that since the A-star is not doing expected sales numbers, MSIL would probably reduce the prices just a little bit and have the ritz take on the I10. Swift will command a premium and the prices of the swift will increase if there is change in the petrol engine or even a minor face lift.

And so when it comes to re-sale, your swift will fetch you much more than your ritz, as end of the day the ritz will not be as popular as the swift, due to the enormous competition that will come up in forms of i10 diesel, vista etc. Having said all of this, I dont think it would be a mistake even if you bought the ritz. It will be still a msruti with great service back up and trouble free running. Suggest you take a test drive, see which suits your driving style better. If you like pushing your car in to corners and sort of an enthusiast, i'm sure you would prefer the swift, assuming that the ritz is not as much fun to drive as the swift.

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am myself in the same boat...deciding whether to buy swift diesel or ritz diesel. took a test drive of both, but am not too gud at judging cars based on a short drive...the engine is anyways d same, though the positioning of the gear is different in the ritz (a bit higher and obliquely placed).

swift has a cramped rear mainly bacause the rear seat has a raised hump in the middle , making a 3rd occupant pretty uncomfortable in the rear. Ritz rear seat didnt seem much wider, but is flattened, which makes it more comfy for a 3rd occupant.


However, the legroom seemed to be even less than in swift, which is a major concern. I tried to look for this spec in the Ritz brochure but couldnt find it.


Ritz rear seat is also unique in that half (60%)  can be folded seperate from the rest (40%) and vise-versa.


My daily travel is 90 km, whjich is why diesel is my only option. I often have a driver driving, due to which rear seat legspace is of great importance during the long ride.


At the same time, there are times when 5 people will ride the car, which makes the swift rearseat a problem.


Hmmm...tough choice, really!  

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Since you want a spacious diesel hatch why dont you look at Indica Vista QJet. If not you can even have a look at Getz CRDi. I know that the model is old but it fits you perfectly and hyundai will continue its production like with the accent, and parts availibility wont be problem cos its a hyundai. Else you can wait for the i20 diesel hatch.

Also i am not sure if you wish to go for an LPG car but the new Accent ECO or the CNG version also makes sense for you. There is also Logan LPG but i dont know much about logan other than the fact that its extremely spacious

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