i10 vs Indica Vista vs Fiat Palio

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Hi All,

I want to buy a new car. This would be my first car.

My budget is around 4 lakhs. I did a lot of research and found this community really helpful.

My needs would be-

a. Definitely good mileage.

b. Am not a fast driver freak.But don't want my car to be like a bullock cart also.

c. Don't want to go for cars like Santro, WagonR etc as i don't
think they are more of a status symbol(I am not talking about status
symbol like what a Honda City will provide but still a good enough car
will do)

I have zeroed in on these 3 cars and have some reservations and positive points also against them.

1. Indica Vista(Petrol)- I just love its look and all the features
that it provides in this range. I would have gone for it with my eyes
closed but just one thing stops me for going for it. The fact that its
name is Indica and especially in NCR region people associate the name
Indica with a Cab only. So that mark of a cab on indica is what making
me think twice about it.

2. Fiat Palio(1.1 Petrol)- Love the cars look and shape. Have heard
good reviews about its performance also. The bottleneck is its poor
after sales service. Have heard that its pathetic and that's why again
i have to think twice about it.

3. i10 (Era)- Because of the reservations about above mentioned 2
cars, i am looking at i10 also. It doesn't have the limitations of the
above 2 cars(its not a cab and services of hyundai is good enough). But
somehow i feel that its really a very small car and expensive for the
features that it  provides.

I am really confused among these 3 cars.

Please suggest your inputs. It would really be helpful

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Well there are many ACTIVE topics on i10 vs Swift/Vista/Ritz/Getz, etc...i think you should read all those threads and MODS please close/delete this thread...On the Active topics page majority of topics are on i10 Vs.other cars only...Please check out...

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I think you should go in for the vista as it provides good features and you are overall happy with it except cab image but its a good product also the Palio's 1.1lt engine is very indriverfriendly hence don't go for it the power is too low to pull the car .

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I feel, you should also consider option of going for Hyundai Getz, as the same is offered at very competitive price it has nice engine and looks great. Even Chevrolet UV-A is also a good option.


Hyundai Getz


Chevrolet UV-A

tejasmehta9902009-05-20 16:01:50

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Out of your list, I would suggest i10, but my pick will be kappa. Get a i10 kappa. Though i10 is priced higher, it is the best of the three.

Both Indica and Palio are more preferable in diesel form only. I would say Indica and Palio to be five seater and i10 to be four seater, so is the space of i10. But the petrol engine of both Indica and Palio will make you feel like a bullock cart, if you compare them with i10.

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Why Chevrolet UV-A is not considered good Hatch ?

It isn't really in the competition with bland interiors, numb performance, unexciting looks and features etc. Chevrolet is the biggest loser in making Petrol engines. Not even a single Petrol engine is good. It has nothing but a decent amount of space.

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Ya chevrolet never makes exciting fun to drive cars. Our Chevrolet aveo LS sedan isnt exciting to drive  at all and moreover the Aveo UVA was never a popular car as it got completely overshadowed by the Hugely popular Swifts and Hyundai i10's. Since all Chevrolet cars sold in India car market are slow sellers they give huge discounts in order to woo buyers to their showrooms. But this strategy has not been successful because of the fact that GM has been bankrupt and is now a PSU(Public Sector Undertaking) of the US Govt. And most Gm cars are Daewoo cars rebadged as Chevrolets with minor engine tweaks made for fuel adaptablity of Indian market. Moreover there has been a 25% per year down insales for GM in our car market.I think the best car suited for your budget would be The Maruti  Zen Estilo VXi. Though it looks a kind of oddball(or futuristic, concept car like) but its got good amount of space and features in that price bracket. An optional VXi variant gets you ABS and 2 Airbags which makes it tremendous VFM. The white color in Zen Estilo VXi looks good..

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The i10's Kappa engine must be great with maximum power but Vista's 1.2l Safair (Fiat's Engine) may be less in power compared to i10 but still it is one of the best engine put by TATAs in their 'Silver Bullet product' Indica.

For a buyer who really want VFM Hatch, there is no better option than Indica Vista

Even Palio Stile's 1.2 L is good one, and for real driving experience 1.6 L engines is out and out a winner. Even it outperform some of the much costlier sedans with similar engines

Both Indica Vista and Plio Stile are far better than i10 on the highways with their decent power output and road manners and they are not Bullock Carts when compared with i10

Tata and Fiat have understood the nerves of consumers and also they have the blueprint of the Indian roads as they are making cars since ages

The disadvantage of Palio Stile is it's outdated looks and interior, any information about new version of palio ?

Is FIAT is going to replace Palio with Punto ?

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