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Williams submit entry for next year's championship

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Amidst all of the hullabaloo about teams quitting and not signing up for next year's championship, Williams F1 has gone ahead and submitted its entry. I guess this is the best possible indication about how this whole row will end.

All the teams will stay put in F1. Even Ferrari, given the fact that Luca Di Montezemolo is the head of the Formula One Teams' Association (FOTA).

A cynical way to look at this would be that Ferrari is being selfish. And through its involvement want the rules to stay as they are so that they can catch up, get to grip with the new rules and then attack But I agree to the teams' objection to the two-tier system.

That was the main sticking point; the fact that Mosley basically tried to bully the teams into accepting his version of F1. Mosley is the guy who pushed for grooved tyres, which caused the the teams to invest so heavily in aerodynamics and make it impossible for a car to follow another through a corner and reduce the chances of overtaking. Well intentioned though he may be he has seemed a little bit out of his depth when it comes to rule-making in F1.

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Well Ferrari sells car to race other do vice versa so Ferrari has lots of money to invest and make a car which edges out the competition and this has been since Ferrari made his debut but now the rule is like all depends on the driver and they were also making no pits stop strategy for 2010 which seems to be cancelled also next year cosworth will make engine s and Xtrac will make KERS for teams while this can be money saver for teams like red bull and force India but no company teams like Ferrari and Mc laren which likes to test its products . But FIA has granted permission for different engine but will strictly adhere to specifications of Fia.

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