Is it necessary to remove Old Balance Weights

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Almost all of us must have seen that before Balancing a Wheel, the mechanic removes the Old Weight (s) and adds Weights as per instructions of the Balancing Machine.

1. Is it necessary to remove the Old Weights before Balancing the Wheel?

2. Why doesn't the mechanic Balance the Wheel without removing Old Weights?

Answer 1-> I don't think there is need to remove the Old Weights prior to Balancing.

Answer 2-> The mechanic removes the Old Weights and put (Read Collect) them in a box and then the Garage (or Service Center) sells them and Generate A Nice Revenue from them since Aluminum has Nice Rate.

Next time I will tell the mechanic to Balance the Wheel without removing the Old Weights.

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Nice ques. Sudeep!

Well, I can tell how I get things done, I usually get the old weights removed if tyres are imbalanced. After some time, the weights tend to become loose/fall off on their own due to various elements.

Also the uneven wear of the tyre due to faulty air pressure or other reasons, disturbs balance. So, lead weights are put at appropriate places to counter the heavier sides.

As tyre dynamics change from time to time, so does the need to stick weights at various places accordingly, this isn't stationary.

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Ideally you should have one weight each on the outside and inside of the wheel. As pointed out by speed over a period of time the balance of a wheel does get disturbed. Therefore, the standard practice at rebalancing is to remove the weights and start afresh. Quite often you will end up with two weights side-by-side. This happens since the weights are often not exact, or the balancing machine has some errors (actual, or due to wrong rim size being dialled in!

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But still my original question is not answered to my satisfaction.

My friend told me yesterday that the below procedure is followed at a garage in Pandharpur (A Taluka in our Solapur)-

1. First the wheels are checked on the balancing machine without removing the older weights.

2. Then if imbalance is found then the weights are removed and Fresh Weights are used as per requirement.

      So I guess there should not be need to remove the old weights before balancing.

     I will try out for our Indigos next time I balance their wheels.

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     I forgot to ask one thing.

   What should be the Total Weight in gms that should be put on either side of a Single Wheel? Is it 140gms? If yes, then maximum 140 gms on either side of a Wheel or maximum 140 gms after adding Weights on both sides of a Wheel?

If it exceeds that weight, then the Tyre should be remounted.

   But when I asked about remounting at a local garage, he laughed at me and said remounting is not needed. Just get the wheel balanced. Thats it.

How to handle such situations?

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