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Indica Dicor DLG- A perfect city car

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Indica Dicor- We bought this Indica Dicor almost an year back. It is now doing duty in our Call centre in Chennai. When we went in search of a car, we had Indica in our mind for space and practicality. We got a discount of 30k(+8k worth accessory) in Dicor, which was just 16k more than Indica turbo. So we went for it. I just drove it after taking delivery and after that within a week, it went to Chennai. It has clocked about 22600km. Let's get to the review part. 

Pics are taken from k810i, i forgot to get good pics of exterior in day time. So please bear the pics taken at night.

Exterior and Interior:
Well, I quite like Indica's styling. It looks good to me, even after 10 years. I prefer it over Vista as far as styling goes. IMO Vista's looks are spoiled by various parts put together and doesn't gel together. Indica looks more decent and has no-nonsense looks.
When it comes to interiors, it is not the same like Exteriors. Ergonomics are very poor in Indica. You need to stretch down, just to operate power windows, a pure nuisance. AC controls are placed above music system, it confuses a lot. The worst thing to me is the position of all pedals. They are placed high and gives a lot of pain, especially the right foot. One benefit of it is you can place your legs very comfortably under the pedals, while parked and i did once for a an hour lol.gif . And also the steering is pretty big in dia and placed high. The meter console looks like an aftermarket job, especially when we see it from outside, it just looks like fitted on to the dash.

AC controls placed above music player. Quite confusing and annoying. Note Logan's Balupunkt CD player.
Note the high set pedals. Hope it is visible.
Very big steering wheel(in dia). It is set high too. Note: It has cover bought from Tata and look at its condition.

Engine and Performance:
To start with, it has a Common rail injection system. But i couldn't find the refinement of a CRDi engine in this. It is very unrefined and growls a lot. Well, i could feel a unique engine beat in all vehicles, but couldn't find one in this. This 1.4 Dicor is found in Indigo, XL and CS. Other than the refinement, this engine is better in all aspects of any Tata engine.
This engine has got good amount of performance. It is very responsive, thanks to VGT, a great feature in a car in this category. It just jumped forward, when i got the delivery. Now there has been a problem with clutch, and the first gear pic up is bad on most starts. Though it is responsive, you have to make sure that it is not on the lower part of powerband, as it knocks badly and hesitates to pull. But once you gear it right, it is a spirited performer in city.
One thing i couldn't understand, being powerful and having an idle RPM of 1000, it got turned off a couple of time on an incline, may be due to clutch. I found Indica's clutch to be lighter than Swift at the time of delivery, but now it is tighter than Logan. And also i noticed that impact of hydraulic PS is more on engine, when we turn the wheel, the RPM comes down more noticeable than any car i've driven.

Looks cool at night

Ride, Handling and Braking:
When it comes to ride, i had big hopes for Indica, from the reviews and user experiences. But i was surprised to find it not good. I agree, it is good on at slow speeds. But as speed increases, it becomes bumpy. I had a trip to a place 20kms away from Chennai. The roads weren't nice, at 80-100kph, i had to be careful on bumps, if any arises, as it just puts the car out of line. And bigger craters throws the passengers. What i found is, Indica shakes with its body on bad roads. I fear what it would be drive at 120kph.
When it comes to Handling, Indica is pretty good on city roads. But on Highways, it rolls a lot. If you hit a bump, while turning, it jumps off its line. And Chennai has many fly overs and have curves in it. Whenever i went on them, Indica leaned and rolled a lot, you couldn't even steer it precisely at speeds.
Indica has adequate stopping power in city speeds. It stops with no problems. But as speeds increase, you start to feel like you need better brakes. This might be due to lack of stability of Indica.

Fuel Economy:
Indica satisfied me a lot in this aspect. It returned a shade less than 16kms. It is a great mileage for a city like Chennai. I found out that normally it returns in the region of 15-16 kpl.

Way to park in Chennai

Tata service:
The worst part in any Tata car, i guess. The service has never been satisfactory. It had a failure of right driveshaft and they agreed to replace it under warranty. After delivery, they found the problem still persists. After 3 more visits, it was not sorted out(it was replaced on all visits). Frustrated with this, they asked the Tata person hardly and on investigation, they found that the left drive shaft was replaced thrice 227405.gif . Now they replaced the right one and it is fine now.

Perfect City car:
I would rate Indica as a perfect city car for the following reasons
- Compact dimensions
- responsive engine
- decent driveability
- Space for 5 with comfort
- good low-speed ride
- Good turning radius
- Fantastic Fuel economy

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Very Good review there buddy!! I loved the way the pictures tells us the stories. The only thing i find annoying about the Indica is the High Driving position. You fell like you are sitting in a Deck Chair. Luckily though, that has been solved in the new Vista due to a height adjustment feature!!

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well for me indica is all about space and nothing is one of the few virtues of indica alongwith a frugal diesel engine...indica's refinement is no good and on the outside it sounds as if an engine from tata 407 is their in the car...pathetic....but it sold well cause its the cheapest diesel car !!!!

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    Our XL too faces Rough Idle Noise. But today I was waiting at a signal, when another XL (Classic Dicor unlike our Grand Dicor) stopped near me. I could not hear the noise of that XL. Don't be mistaken but that car was not OFF since when the signal turned Green, I did not hear Starter Motor Noise. If our XL was in that place, I would have clearly heard the Idle Noise.

But that XL was AMAZINGLY QUIET. It was So QUIET, anyone would mistake it for MJD or DDIS or for that matter Petrol. But when you see the Rear Badge near Left Tailight, you will come to know that it is powered by DiCOR and not MJD or DDIS.

I will ask TASC about this next time.

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I don't think so.

 After the signal turned Green he took off. After going little further I tried to hear the noise of that XL. The speed may be around 20-30kph. And there were no vehicles whose noise would dampen the XL's noise. But still I could not hear the engine noise of that XL. I was going to try for more but he took a turn and went in another direction.

   Then I came little further. A Normal Diesel Indigo went pass me. There was some noise from other vehicles too. But still I could hear that Indigo's (Normal Diesel unlike the previous DiCOR) noise at speed of 20-30kph.

 Then how is that I could not hear DiCOR XL's noise but Normal Diesel Indigo's.

 That means DiCOR Engine is Quiet when at the Tata Plant.


      We bought our Indigo XL Grand DiCOR on 3rd May 2007.


    But as the First Service (1000kms) was carried, the Engine turned to that of SUMO. I feel very smiley9.gifsmiley9.gif (Embarrassed) while driving our XL which sounds as Sumo. I will soon take some action on this.

   When the bonnet of our XL is opened with Engine Running, the idle noise is identical to Normal SUMO (Not Sumo Victa but other Variants of Sumo). Victa did not sound much Harsh to me as compared to other Variants.

  I don't understand what happened to the Engine which was Super Silent during the Very First Month but turned to Sumo after the First Service (First Month -1000kms).

Any ideas?

The Idle is 768-800rpm (checked on Laptop).

I will ask our TASC to observe that XL and compare it with ours.


BTW is the idle noise of your Indica Dicor more than normal Diesel Indica?

But I would like to mention that I was able to touch 190 kph (Speedo Indicated) on Pune -Mumbai Expressway. May be Wind helped me.

Pickup of our XL--

Two Supervisors from TASC drove our XL after it covered 75000kms+. They were smiley3.gif to see the Pickup. They Praised the Pickup of DiCOR even after 75000kms+.smiley4.gif

sudeepd2009-05-30 09:01:26

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CC, I did not ask you the rpm since I saw the Tachometer needle near 1000 mark.

I asked you do you feel the Idle Noise of your Indica (DiCOR) more than Normal Diesel (Non-DiCOR) Indica. Listen the Idle Noise of your Indica and Non-DiCOR Indica and compare them and tell me.

Also Get the Idle rpm of your car checked at the TASC on Laptop and get it adjusted to 800 rpm. When I checked the idle rpm of our XL, the Laptop showed that

      1. The Current Idle Rpm was 768 and 800 (there was fluctuation between the two readings even though the Tacho Needle was at one place)

      2. And the Target Rpm should be 800.

 Now our XL has Idle of 768-800 but still feels Unrefined (Sounds Like A Tata Sumo).

But will take some action against this soon.

And yes Please get the Idle Rpm of your car to 800 (TML Recommended).

The adjustment can be done ONLY THROUGH LAPTOP unlike Normal Indica/Indigo.

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Even i was a proud owner of a Tata Indica Turbo,

Whenever i felt the engine was making more noise than usual, I would check the engine oil and filters in the car. Once the filters were cleaned and engine oils replaced, the car would again become silent!

I loved that car!

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Whenever i felt the engine was making more noise than usual' date=' I would check the engine oil and filters in the car. Once the filters were cleaned and engine oils replaced, the car would again become silent![/quote']

I replace the Engine Oil and Oil Filter every 10,000kms (TML Recommended).

I always try to keep Air Filter Clean. If its not possible to clean, I just replace it.

From now onwards, I have decided to clean it every 1000-2000kms (As against every 5000kms TML) and replace every 10,000kms (as against every 40,000kms TML) since it costs just Rs.201/- (OEM Elofic Brand).


Despite of this, the idle noise is too much.



 Just got the Suzuki Fiero repaired which was lying at our backyard since last June (2008).

 Replaced Silencer, Fairing, Converted Electricals on AC (unlike OE DC), got clutch cover welded since it got slightly cracked, Horn replaced, etc.

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No i don't feel the idle noise to be more than non-Dicor. But the engine sound, in general was more of a noise. When i took Logan after 9 days with AC off, it felt like super refined, so was the refinement of Indica.

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Hmmm.. I am not sure of the DICOR engine from Tatas, but my Turbo would just shut up once these two things as mentioned were taken care of!! I always used to drive with my windows up and AC on 3 level. I never had any issues with the noise during my 3 years of ownership of that car.


When i drove it to my hometown about 400kms, at the end of the journey, i would be left with a loud mouthed engine though.

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How is Tata going to service JLR's and at the prices quoted ranging from 80 L to a few C's, I can see the client's going red & fuming, already. I bet the service crue will not have a clue as to what went wrong with JLR unless you did the diagnosis and told them.

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If the JLR is going to have the same service team as Tata cars, then what you said would be a reality, but i doubt that as Tata will use a better network.

Shall we move back to the topic please smiley1.gif

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