A good car for highway

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Hey highflier,

                    You are asking for a good highway car for high speed runs of  about 120 - 140 km/hr.

                     i own an accent crdi in which i do comfortably 140 kmph smiley32.gif and i have driven a scorpio, so i would say an SUV for a high speed highway run is an absolute NO unless you are buying a honda CRV smiley4.gif. so first it should be a sedan and a diesel since long highway runs would be lighter on pocket smiley36.gif. In your budget i would say go in for the optra as it is extremely comfortable for long highway runs and i dont think indian operations of GM should be affected as they have invested in a brand new factory and new brands are in pipeline (you can wait for the cruize also). If not then the fiat linea fits the bill to the T  

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Scorpio is a big NO for Highways.

City will come in your budget.

You can also wait a few days for the Punto.

Linea is under powered, so might not perform on Highways.

Verna should also qualify your requirements.

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Innova diesel is the best of the vehicle's you have opted for. I have been 'driven' in it and can vouch for the absolute comfort the vehicle provides. At speed you'll be hard pressed to say it's a diesel. For the highway look no further than the Innova. It's impeccable and has no handling problem's unlike the skateboard-Xylo/Scorpio.

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