My Honda Dio

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Ok. Slight Update on the Dio. Got a lighter Exhaust cowl for it. It was around 500 gms lighter than the original one. And I Painted it red and it was a Bolt on. (incase one is wondering what the hell I am talking about, Its the plate on the muffler)

A couple of other things have been planned, but First and foremost, It is getting a Paintjob.

The Main Aim to Buy this, Was to make it unique. To make it custom. Anyways, As of now, I have this in mind.

The Font panel and the panel on the handle bar, which is currently yellow, will be Green White and Red. Italian Flag basically, And everything else will be Black. I am also looking at doing some kind of indirect lighting for the headlight. I havent decided on that yet. Lets see how it goes. I really need some custom paintjob ideas though, So if anyone could gimme some other ideas, It will be appreciated.

Another thing i want to do, Is drill small holes on the headlights and fill it up with LEDs. Like 25-30 LEDs. All White obviously.

Soo many ideas, But I cant seem to make anything final!!


EDIT: The ***** towing fellow towed the scoot the other day and scratched that exhaust cover. It needs another coat of red now!!

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he eh !!

dude !!

am from cochin and here i had booked an Honda Unicorn and damn they are asking a waiting period for 2 1/2 mnths...

hey whats the situation there dudess !!

gash , i dont know why the dealeers are such a lazy oness !!!

please post your comments guys !!!

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@Jadu. The Tailights and the Indicators have already been smoked. It makes no sense Smoking the Headlights unless you have an LED Setup. Which I will have soon.

@Bala. They have been smoked. (made black) See the first page.

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Black one is hot. Also make sure, you smoke the blacked portion of head light with stickers.


Your bike made me fell in love with Dio, I am going to search out for a old dio and will play with my imagination and make it hotter.
creativebala2009-09-29 05:54:47

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Good dio cyrus but i think only yellow looks cool with black or try Yellow with blue, use only 2colors and not 3.

And i can see a Team-bhp sticker on your Dio, i there should be a ACi sticker instead of that or in addition to that.

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