Verna Transform(ed)

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Looks like the design team of the original Santro has come back!! This car reminds me more of the old Santro (read - ugly) and has many design "cues" from it.

Wow, if the reactions in this forum are anything to go by, Hyundai'd better take notice!

I had test driven the earlier diesel Verna and had some respect for the car before that. I think the earlier Verna still had some class, let down only by cheap and outdated interiors. The diesel engine, though good on performance, felt very crude and I didn't have to remind myself that I was driving a diesel.

I had started admiring Hyundai cars after the seeing the i series cars, especially the i10, i20 and the 1x35. Now my face makes similar expressions as on the car when I see the new "transform"....

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