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It's high time Yamaha bought the latest Rx's to India. The pics below show the Rx's still being marketed in countries like Malaysia & Indonesia, where a demand for 2 stroke still exists genuinely and these bikes obviously meet emission norms. The govt over there doesnt F*k around like here in India These bikes have been constantly updated in Malaysia and indonesia. The current 6 speed models produce upto 19 Bhp! Talk about 2 stroke power & the possibilities of tuning these bikes with custom pipes :-]]]]. Look at the engine design. Its a modern 2 stroker with a compact design.

Malaysian RX : No fancy alloys,graphics,or turn indicators but 6 six speeds & mighty 20 PS of raw 2 stroke power from a 132CC displacement!!



Indonesian Rx King : More basic model, but still got 18 bhp & 5 gears smiley32.gif



Only ... Only if BHarat Sarkar gave a go to 2 strokes. then the indian biker would be more happy.

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The old Rx & the RXZ of yore had an ancient chassis, but good looks. Its the engine cover off or on which makes the difference in the appeal of the bike.

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