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Brief Introduction:


I joined this forum a few months ago.


I am an NRI and I am back living in my village in AP after taking early voluntary retirement from my work as an environmental manager in USA.

I am doing some teachhing at a local college, spending some time working with children in the village and in helpful activities to the needy people.


I like travelling in comfort and there is still a substantial portion of India I have not discovered.

I enjoyed owning several American cars, fiat spider, and a 1982 Benz.  I have been back since 2005.  I switched from Santro to a 2009 Chevrolet Tavera recently and it has been good for long trips to Karnataka recently.  I was surprised by the weather and beauty of coffee plantations.  


I do enjoy posts on this board 



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I had 1975 Fiat spyder.  After an accident in it within 3 months of purchase, the fellow who ran into my car  ended up paying enough through his insurance company (after I filed a case against him and his insurance company in a court in US), I purchased a 1976 spyder.


It was a 2 seater essentially with a back seat big enough to seat your cat and dog.  I could stretch my hands back and get the convertible top up.  The speed limit was 70 mph (116 kmph)in the Tennessee State that I was living in.  I went no further than 150 kmph on American highways.  It was lot of fun.  I used to ride without the top even in light rain (rain would fall off) and winter(ofcourse, had the hot air coming in from the bottom).  One factor that influenced me in buying that as well as the Benz later on was that they were popular among the American young and restless.


I will, after going through the boxes that I shipped in from US, will post pictures of that fiat spyder and the benz, and other cars that I owned.

Have a nice day


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