Which BMW model looks the best?

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I personally love the BMW 530D(because of its looks and stance just as little bro sparsh said)and also the BMW X5 3.0D.I also love the superbly powerful and torque laden Autobahn scorcher BMW M5. I am just waiting for the launch of the BMW M7 which would simply blow the competition away(Mercs, Audis.Lambos,Astons.Jaguars will run for cover) and prove that BMW's are truly "THE ULTIMATE DRIVING MACHINES" in the world.

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I like 3 series more(325i), because of its dimension,performance and way it looks is just like an ultimate driving machine does. And more over it is car to drive, and not to sit back & enjoy the ride.

Rear Wheel Drive + Powerful motor = Great Driving Pleasure.

Hats off to its engineers smiley32.gif

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