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Ferrari F430 has a huge reputation. Its regarded as one of the best car to come out of the factory gates at Maranello even though its an entry level model.

We all know that Ferrari is working on the F430 replacement for long now and here is undisguised pic of the replacement which may be called the F450. The pic come to you courtesy Autoexpress Magazine which spied the car as it was being loaded onto the back of a truck in Italy.

If you thought F430 was good looking, have a look at F450 which is even better. The new F450 is more rounded more aggressive with a pair of huge sweeping side air vents which have been enlarged to cool the improved engine and the brakes. In a bid to better compete with its rivals like the Porsche 911, Lamborghini Gallardo, the F450 will also get a bigger 4.5 Litre engine (and hence the name) which will atleast put around 500 bhp a result of the modified internals and even more rev range.

The new F450 will also come with an all new gearbox in the form of 7-Speed double clutch unit from the Ferrari California. The gearbox will be suitably updated to meet the demeanour of a mid-engine Ferrari sports car and will offer lightening fast shifts.

The Ferrari F450 might even get the KERS system from the Ferrari F1 program which will convert the kinetic energy saved from braking into usable power.

Ferrari F450 is expected to debut at the Franfurt Motor Show this year with sales starting from the year 2010.

(SOURCE: Autoexpress Magazine )

Just love the looks. The sexiest Ferrari ever made....!!!swiftvxi062009-06-13 16:17:43

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That is one Freaky looking car!! Personally, i think it looks plain ugly!! Wish Ferrari Would build beautifull cars again!! I miss the Pre 355 ERA!!


Personally though, i would pics a Ferrari 250GTO or a 250 Lusso over all this computer controlled power anyday!!

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my fav is the f50 GT it is the fastest ferrari on road , it touches 376 , just 6 km faster than the FXX , though people found f50 ugly i just love it , hope someday could actually get hands on it or any ferrai (into saving mode)

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