Which bike to buy?

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Hi guys,


I need some help.

I am planning to buy a new bike.


I am looking out for following specifications-


1. Good Looks.

2. Comfortable.

3. Good for long drives.

4. Top speed between 100-150

6. Average between 50-60

7. Price range 50,000-60,000


Some preferable bikes (Honda Unicorn/stunner/pulsar 150 dtsi)


if u know any other bike then help me out.



CYRUS432009-06-16 07:15:58

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Without a shadow of doubt...HONDA UNICORN. That bike is a brilliant product. Very smooth, very comfy, quite quick and still, extremely reliable and fuel efficient. Just what the Indian Consumer wants.

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1. Good Looks.-Stunner

2. Comfortable.-Unicorn

3. Good for long drives.-Unicorn

4. Top speed between 100-150-Unicorn

6. Average between 50-60-Unicorn

7. Price range 50,000-60,000-all 3bikes costs more than 60k,..

Honda Unicorn Suits Most Of Your Needs..

For less than 60k you can have Yamaha Gladiator & Honda Shine..

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i drove Unicorn n found it good.

But if you are considering looks too,I think you should

look at HH Hunk too. The only problem i found was the

fibre part (don't remember what name). Its same as the TPFC of old CBZ n which used to get broken as soon as the bike falls very first time and the leg guard hits on TPFC panel. Same is the issue with Hunk.

Else I find the transmission really smooth and the engine refined. And after all looks..IT DOES MATTER. You can observe the sitting posture that hunk gives you,on the contrary Unicorn has little weird posture.

Think about it,rest choice is yours..

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i had suggest pulsar 150 dtsi - great bike for future mods, fast, fuel efficient, cheaper spares, similar reliability to honda's and suzuki's, looks still the best among others baring fz16.


unicorn - i consider it as an old people mover, those who are in their 30s should buy it. not fun to ride.


stunner has only good looks to its name. engine wise its a segment under. not worth spending 50k for the same.


fz 16 is just a show off bike. not much fun to drive, expensive. or wait for fazer, half fairing brother of fz 16. should be a good one. though expensive


just my 2 cents.

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The updated Pulsar 150 and FZ-16 are neck-to-neck competitors. Pulsar offers new-age features, good ride, commuter-feel and excellent economy, while FZ offers excellent handling, refined and powerful engine and sporty feel.

You may have to extend your budget, though!

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