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Those People who BLAME BAJAJ PULSAR 180 DTSi for Reliability Issues, Please have a Look at Below Sites--

The below link Specifies that Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTSi was run for 24 Hour without any problem--

Please Open the above link only in Mozilla Firefox.

It displays Error if opened in IE or Opera.

The below link Specifies that a Person Rode a Bajaj Pulsar 180 from South America to India covering 30,000 miles.

Any Comments?sudeepd2009-06-16 06:51:12

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WoW! Sudeep Well found article. Now I must say that Pulsar 180 Really Rocks.

Great Going Bajaj Auto Ltd.


Please go through the sites mentioned by Sudeep. You can see the Pics of Pulsar 180 DTSi which is indeed made by Hamara Bajaj of INDIA.

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but almost all my friends are facing mechanical or electrical problem with pulsar!!i doubt these 2 pulsars are made my "hamara bajaj"


if your friends don't maintain your vehicle properly, they are bound to face mech issues with pulsar.


tell them to take care of pulsar like their girlfriend/son and they will reap benefits. they also need care just like we do. they need proper servicing, attention.


i always feel, my bike p-150, p-180 talks to me. i always look for some odd/unwanted noises and as soon as they crop up i try to take care of them asap.


anyways, it depends on individuals. my both pulsar's haven't had any major issues till now, just regular servicing, with occasional small niggles, which i try fixing on my own. as a last resort take it to shop.


hope this helps.


i don't mean to harm your friend's motivation, usage, but i just replied what i felt.

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Even in ACI July Issue, it is given that Daniel Velandia has travelled 60,000kms from Colombia to India.

In this 60,000kms, the 180 faced Magneto Problem only.

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