Delhites, Chevy Cruze is here!!!

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Thats insane pricing for a Chevy in India!! I doubt if a1 year old cruze can fetch 5 lakhs in the used car market!! Why do they call it a small car in Australia beats me!!

All those people who say Honda prices the cars expensive in India need to answer this one if Cruze is sold @ 13 lakh Ex-Showroom!!

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hey guys........


I dont know if this is the right place to ask or its a offtopic


I was thinking of buying cruze but i am worried for one thing i.e. their current scenario of bankruptcy.


can u guys tell me how much risk i would be taking if i buy this one.

will it be safe

whats the future of general motors or chevrolet?


thanks a ton

Well there is no risk if u wanna keep the car for 5 years or so .....

As far bankruptcy goes , launching  a car isnt a joke , they under go number of tests etc 2 launch a car , so dont worry about that part .

Obviously there A.S.S wont be that good as well as availability of parts .

Specially in Patiala .

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i dont think there should be much problem . as far as bankruptcy goes they are out of it now in america. And regarding service to me they are better in this area than others especially in gujarat as they have trained and skilled personnel and have huge and good service centres. Cup yes resale in definately a problem with Gm but if you are gonna use for long time then why to worrybluesapphire2009-09-03 03:38:42

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yeah thanks for ur replies guys


A.S.S. is  not much of a problem as there is a dealer of chevrolet here.

also i believe that atleast it will be better than that of SKODA.

Obviously it would be better than Skoda .... They are simply crap .

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Hey guys


I found something interesting:


Since this car is a direct competition to Skoda Laura (Atleast for me)

I made a comparison


Skoda Laura / Chevrolet Cruze


Power (Bhp)::: 105 / 148

Torque (Kgm)::: 25.49 / 33


Acceleration 0-60kph (in seconds)

4.82 / 4.25


Acceleration 0-100kph (in seconds)

11.54 / 9.64


Top Speed (in kph)

185 / 210


Now here the things start to disappoint:


20-80 in 3rd Gear (in seconds)

10.49 / 13.83


40-100 in 4th Gear (in seconds)

12.46 / 16.38


As per my experience this is the most important factor during overtaking other vehicles.


I know the difference is small but I was actually expecting something better than Laura because of higher Bhp (+45 difference).


Fuel Efficiency was also but that was understood so no problems in that deptt.


Can somebody tell me why is it so?



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