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Umm i saw a P200 today parked aside a Kerb. The bike was on centre stand. The owner was standing next to it, when all of a sudden he clumsily nudged his bike, & the bike fell on its right.

The bike landed on the ground and the right foot-rest just flung away from its place. Within the next ten seconds while the owner tried to lift it up the carburettor started leaking ! I do not know how, but a lot of petrol had spilled out. The shiny exhaust had a huge dent on it. The Right hand brake lever was bent into a new shape.

Now normally Karizmas, Unicorns or even fieros have tipped over, but they don't fall apart like Pulsars.

I suspect this to be the poor quality of materials used by Bajaj. Back in 2008 beginning when the P200 was launced reports were out that its front Forks were breaking apart!. Bajaj should first focus on quality instead of portraying a "distinctly ahead" stance.

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