3rd party insurance for vehicles

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I have been trying for the last 1 week to help the driver of solar taxi to get his car insured (3rd party) against unfortunate incidents. I have approached every single insurance company and received all sorts of replies. The car is registered in Switzerland and has an official carnet. It's only PASSING THROUGH India.  Can anyone help me with a few answers. I have received contradictory answers of all these questions and am confused.

a) Can an insurance company insure a foreign registered vehicle?

B) Is an inspection needed for 3rd party insurance

c) what documents are required - some say that the RTO has to give a stamp of road worthiness!!!

d) Most insurance companies have refused ( after much questioning) quoting that they will not make money out of it!

We are opening our doors to the world. Is this how we welcome travelers passing through?

Please answer my questions - if anyone knows anything about insurance guidelines...

Alternately, comments are welcome....

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It is true insurance companies do not make a frofit from Third party. I know for sure that Third Party Cover is available from the three NIC subsidiaries.

Also, I heard that their was some noise about taking the private insurers to task for refusing TP cover. I do not know its stste today. They are not keen on even TP with Theft or TP with Fire & theft. I believe these reduced covers arethe best value for money for older cars.

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