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I think that the Honda CB1000RR is the best superbike on sale in India today. It may not have the outright power of the 'Busa or the large torque of the Intruder, but it's compact dimensions, flexible engine, relatvely comfy posture and nimble handling mark it as the most sensible buy for the Indian speed freak. And it's a cool 3 lakh cheaper than the brigade of other superbikes here.

The combination of less powerful 125bhp engine and extra strong brakes help it keep within sane Indian road limits.

What do you guys think?

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Well the competiton is tough

Yahama R1

 MT o1



firebalde and 10000RR


Though I like the looks of last one but when I am in a market for big bike I wouldn't shy and just will go for buza it my favourite bike since I was small.

I like the ducati1098 also but at 26lakhs it cost twice.

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all the bikes listed below are excellent choices. my guess is none of these bikes will be used to there fullest potential. In which case the performance part is really not the most important. It all boils down to personal preference. Naked vs full faired bike, brand name, etc..

My preference CBR 1000RR even if R1 or Busa pack more performance.

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MT01 and Intruder are not my kind of machines.

The Busa is WAY TOO BIG for our cities.

The 1000RR a.k.a. Fireblade is an out and out sports bike. You need a track to run it.

The CBR1000R naked is a bit too slow. Also as quoted by ACI, 'at 160 km/hr the air resistance is much that you cant go any faster' without being blown away.

Heck even well modified Pulsar 220 and R15 can attain those speeds.

*THE WINNER* Yamaha R1

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