confused about petrol or diesel

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i am new here and went through all the 8 pages in the topic comparing petrols with diesels.i am planning for a hatchback and have shortlisted swift, fiat punto and the jazz. my average running is 10000 km/yr which would suggest that diesel isn't an option. what i would like to know is that would a car with a modern diesel engine be costly to maintain(will it need servicing more often?) if it stands for days together in the garage and runs very little or is the high initial cost of purchase the only reason to opt for a petrol. the jazz active  costs 7.75 lakhs and it seems that either honda is crazy or thinks that we are crazy to buy a car that costs so much but lacks many features. on the other hand fully loaded Punto costs 6.5 lakhs and seems a better option, albeit the fiat after sales service is a big question mark. also, swift zxi and vdi(abs) are similarly priced. which one should i opt for if i choose the swift. 

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